Insurance Leads - Buy, Generate and Use

Finding insurance leads is the key to your success in the insurance industry.  Your success as an agent depends on how well you master the art of buying, generating and working leads on interested prospects.

Our service will increase your insurance sales by providing expert guidance on how to buy, generate and use insurance leads in the United States.

Selling insurance is a fairly easy endeavor when you have a steady flow of interested prospects.  Your two options are to buy leads or to generate insurance leads yourself.

Buying insurance leads is the fastest and easiest choice

Finding the best insurance lead company will increase sales and profits.  There are hundreds of lead providers, but they are not all equal.  Be careful choosing which ones to purchase leads from.  The best services offer high conversion ratios, competitive pricing, a wide range of filters, fair lead credit or return policy and excellent customer service.  The lead company you choose will determine your degree of success selling insurance.

Large potential opportunity revealed

A recent study by LIMRA, the leading life insurance marketing Research Company, shows that only 39% of United States households remember having an opportunity to buy insurance in the past two years.  This study reveals that many interested consumers are still not being reached insurance marketing efforts. 

61% of consumers have not been reached by any marketing campaign!  Interested consumers are waiting for the opportunity to purchase insurance.

Lead generation methods determine quality

The key point to remember is that no incentives of any kind should be used to entice a consumer to complete a request for quote or information. 

The best insurance sales leads are going to come from consumers actively seeking information on insurance policies or coverage options and pricing.  Another profitable niche to target is people who have experienced some "life event" that makes them susceptible to effective insurance marketing campaigns.

 Leads produced by the most common generation techniques include...

  • Internet leads
  • Direct mail leads
  • Telemarketing leads

Generating leads online is the most common technique. 

Websites target consumers actively seeking information on insurance policies or premium quotes.  Interested searchers complete a detailed questionnaire.  The resulting leads are then compared to the filters agents have established for state, city, zip code, insurance product type, age, household income and other filters. 

They are typically sold as either shared or exclusive insurance leads.  Thousands of agents increase sales using leads generated online every day.  Use them in your marketing efforts.

Many insurance agents tackle lead generation themselves.

Generating your own leads delivers the lowest price and highest quality.  Many agents enjoy the complete control they have generating their own. 

Insurance mailers target specific consumers likely interested in life insurance products.  Direct mail leads targeting specific niche markets are very profitable. 

Specific life events produce buying impulses in consumers. 

  • Consumers closing on a home mortgage recognize the need to ensure their family can stay in their home in the event of an untimely death. 
  • The birth of a child triggers the need for increase life insurance protection for father and mother.
  • A diagnosis of cancer or heart attack highlights the need for insurance coverage to help pay the high cost of medical treatments. 
  • Disability leads target consumers interested in protecting their income in the event of illness or injury. 
  • Final expense leads relieve the financial burden left to family members.

All of these very common life events trigger emotions in consumers to respond to mailings and create quality leads.

Even the best leads must be properly worked

Correctly working leads increases sales and profits.  Leads are prospects and not all prospects will buy.  That is simply part of the game.  It is a numbers game.

Setting an appointment with your insurance sales leads is the first step in the sales process.  You will make more sales by reminding the prospect they asked you to contact them. 

Keep their best interest in mind to develop their trust and to make the sale.  Agents who earn their trust will get their business. 

Remember they already made the buying decision when they furnished their information on the request form.  You just have to show them how much it costs and who to make the check out to.

Finding quality insurance leads is the key to your success in the insurance industry.

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