Effective Insurance Leads

Effective insurance leads hopes to help insurance agents buy, generate and use quality leads.

The road that brought me to publish this website designed to help insurance agents buy, generate and use leads began in 1974 when I graduated with a bachelor degree in accounting and went on to graduate school in the MBA program.

I took my first job as an accountant for the third largest publishing company in the U.S.  It was financially rewarding but not very satisfying.

It appeared to me that the salespeople I knew were making good money and they had a lot more time to play golf, fish and hunt than I did.

So, into sales I went.  My education and accounting experience got me a job as a computer salesman for a well known international computer manufacturer. The whole sales thing was very easy for me.

But there was something missing for me.  I was doing better, had more free time and more money to spend, but it was not really satisfying.

I finally realized that what was missing was the deep desire I had to run my own business… to be an entrepreneur.  I have since read studies that over seventy percent of all people have a desire to own their own business.  I was certainly one of them.

In 1978 I started my own company selling computerized accounting systems.  It was great!  Meeting payrolls, making sales, hiring, training and motivating staff was full of headaches, but it was great!  That business supported my family for the next 23 years. 

The time was right for me to start something else.  I sold the business and began the search for my next business opportunity.

The insurance business intrigued me. 

Some of the most successful people I knew owned insurance agencies.  I also noticed that when I traveled to large cities, the largest buildings were insurance companies.

So, in 2001, I contracted with a couple of companies through a friend and soon learned the single most important lesson for any insurance agent to learn. 

There are a lot of insurance agents!  They are all trying to sell the same product, at about the same price, for about the same commission percentage.

The problem is most insurance agents do not have any one to sell to!  I knew that if I could put insurance agents in front of qualified and interested prospects, they and I, could make some really good money.

I thanked my friend for the introduction to insurance and the training he gave me and started my own insurance marketing organization.

Over the years, I built a marketing organization of about 150 agents in 14 different states.  The organization produced over a million dollars of annual life insurance premium the first year. 

My organization focused on selling insurance products to various niche markets by getting agents in front of at least 15-20 qualified and interested prospects every week.

Mastering effective techniques to buy, generate and work insurance leads was the key to our success.  This is true for every insurance agent to this day. 

What separates the winners from the less fortunate is their ability to get their hands on 15-20 qualified and interested leads or prospects every week.  We were buying, generating and working thousands and thousands of insurance leads.  We used online insurance leads, direct mail and telemarketing leads.

I made mistakes along the way for sure, but did manage to develop successful techniques for buying, generating and using all types of insurance leads.  I sold that organization to another IMO to spend more time with my family.

My passion for helping insurance agents find effective insurance leads never went away though.  The entrepreneur in me never went to sleep either.

I discovered a new outlet for my passion and motivation to own my own business.  Imagine how excited I was when I found a way to channel my desire to own my own business.

I thought, how about a website about buying, generating and using insurance leads? 

How cool would it be to actually make a significant residual income from writing about something I was knowledgeable and passionate about?

I created this action guide to show thousands of others just like me to be successful in building a successful insurance sales career.  Effective Insurance Leads has been very successful in doing just that. 

Our website continues to expand its audience and the number of insurance agent that use benefit from applying information found here grows daily.

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