Aged Insurance Leads -
Why You Should Use Them

Aged insurance leads make you money.

Find out where and how to get them cheap.

All prospecting programs should incorporate them.

Direct mail is the best type.  They were generated or created far enough in the past not to qualify to be sold as fresh.

Here is one of the most valuable tips you can incorporate.  Never, ever, discard any leads of any kind at any time.

There was some level of interest on the part of the consumer who originally responded to some message or advertisement that created the aged insurance leads you now have.

There are many reasons that aged leads may still produce a sale.

The consumer could have been just in the initial stages of investigating some coverage when the now aged insurance leads responded.

Many sales agents contacted them soon after hitting the get quote now button and they could have been put off by the large number who called.

A genuine interest may have been present, but financial condition or other situations prevented them from purchasing at that time.

The consumer may have already purchased a policy from someone else by the time you get their information.

That's a good thing if you can offer them a better or similar product at lower premium cost.

The aged leads you work should be old enough to take advantage of the above conditions but recent enough that the prospect still remembers their initial interest.

Direct mail generated are the best type aged insurance leads to work for this very reason.

Let the prospect know that you are following up on their request for information.

Make sure you tell them enough info from the card or letter to let them know you are looking at a request for information or a quote in their handwriting.

Show your copy of that request when you get to their home and you will gain immediate credibility.

It also depends on the product line originally targeted.

Another point to keep in mind is that one of the greatest values older prospect responses provide is information, data on people who have responded to a sales message of some kind.

You have the name, address, email address and probably a phone number of people interested in various products.

That is a very valuable list. A drip marketing campaign to those people will produce fruit.

Direct mail generated mailers are the best to work.

People tend to remember what they wrote on a piece of paper more than what was typed into a website or said to some call center.

Especially if you get an appointment.

When you show them a copy of the form completed and signed in their own handwriting, you establish credibility and trust.

Those are the two things you must establish before you sell them any product.

The thing to remember about working internet aged leads is that a good percentage of fresh internet responses have questionable interest to begin with.

Many internet prospects are originally generated by offering some incentives or are based on some impulse generated by a pop-up ad on some non-insurance website.

The lower the quality of the original, the lower the quality of the aged leads you are working.

Telemarketing is probably the original generation method least likely to produce sales.

Many telemarketing contacts are coerced when originally created and there is certainly no real interest in the minds of those coerced prospects.

Old does not mean worthless.  You have to work more to find a sale, but the overall cheap price may very well be worth your money and effort.

Working older responses can be very profitable

Aged Insurance leads can be used to generate income during those many times each week agents find more time on their hands than they have someone to call on.

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