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Agentinsider was formed in 2005 to provide online insurance leads to local insurance agents. Agentinsider is headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California. Agent insider offers insurance agents the ability to target specific geographic territories and establish the daily volume of leads they want to receive.

Agents are then provided with quality real time insurance leads.

Agent Insider claims that 10 million consumers visited their insurance informational websites in 2009. When those web searchers want an insurance quote they complete an online insurance questionnaire and that completed insurance questionnaire becomes one of the internet insurance leads Agentinsider distributes to insurance agents across the country.

Agents receive their real time insurance leads from Agent Insider by email.

Traffic is driven to Agent Insider websites by online insurance advertising, partner networks and websites, content partnerships and the major internet search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Agent insider provides auto insurance leads, renters insurance leads, business insurance leads, term life insurance leads,senior health insurance leads and health insurance leads.

Insurance agents sign up online to receive an agent ID and password to access their Agent insider account. Agents choose which zip codes they want activated to begin receiving leads.

Agents set a maximum insurance lead volume for each zip code they select. Agents choose to receive unlimited insurance leads or a daily maximum. Agents can turn off receiving insurance leads from any zip code by changing the daily maximum to zero and turn it on again by changing the daily maximum back to what ever number of leads they want to receive each day.

Normally it takes 2-3 days for an agent's account to be set up and then the agent is eligible to begin receiving online insurance leads from Agentinsider. Agent Insider distributes their real time insurance leads only to licensed insurance agents. Agentinsider checks the licensing of all agents applying to buy insurance leads.

Insurance lead pricing is only available by phone contact with Agentinsider.

Agentinsider will sell insurance leads to up to 8 captive insurance companies and/or insurance agents. Agent Insider claims not to sell insurance leads to more than one agent from the same captive insurance company.

Agentinsider offers a lead return policy for duplicate and invalid leads returned for credit within 10 days.

Leads360, an insurance lead contact management company, rated Agent insider leads in 2010 to be #1 for highest contact rate, #2 for highest conversion rate and #1 for highest volume growth.

Agentinsider has developed relationships with contact management companies to facilitate tracking insurance leads provided by Agentinsider.

Those insurance contact management companies include AgencyIQ, Typhoon, Leads360, EZLynx, Semcat and FSC.

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