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by Excerpts from All Web Leads Website

All Web Leads is headquartered in Austin, Texas. They offer home insurance leads, auto insurance leads, health insurance leads
and life insurance leads.

Their insurance leads are generated through websites that facilitate consumers search for insurance quotes. Prospects search
the internet looking for information and/or quotes on insurance products. All Web Leads places questionnaires on those websites
for the prospects to enter enough information to create an insurance quote.

After the prospect completes a request for an insurance quote, All Web Leads emails the prospect letting them know an
insurance agent will be contacting them soon.

All Web Leads asserts that they do not offer any incentives of any kind as an inducement for a prospect to complete an online

They also state that they do not purchase leads from affiliates who offer any incentives for the leads created on the affiliate's

The resulting responses are filtered against the profiles of their agent client base to determine which agents will receive each
insurance lead generated.

All Web Leads offers internet insurance leads at competitive prices. Base leads pricing includes a geographic filter and
additional filters are also available at an increased per lead cost.

The company states that their leads are distributed to between 2 and 4 agents. Not all leads are distributed to more than one
agent, based on agent demand for a particular geographic area.

There is no deposit required for allwebleads, no minimum lead order and no commitment is required.

Lead return is provided by lead credits if the lead is returned in 10 days. Acceptable reasons for returning leads include
being a duplicate lead, phone number is disconnected or is a fax line, the lead was generated by an insurance agent
completing the the questionnaire, the lead was completed by a student for a school project, the contact information is
fictitious and if the prospect doesn't speak the language of the agent.

All Web Leads can not guarantee that their agents will receive the number of leads they are requesting. But most agents
can receive the number of leads they want if they are willing to expand their geographic filters or accepting additional
lead types.

Agents can specify a maximum number of leads they want to receive each day and the minimum number of leads
accepted each day can be as low as 1 lead per day.

Leads are delivered 7 days a week. The amount and timing of leads received is under the agent's control.

All Web Leads is an established internet insurance lead provider.

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