Annuity Insurance Leads

Buy annuity insurance leads with the highest conversion rates to increase your sales and profits.

Our annuity sales leads consistently deliver results and getting a consistent flow of 15-20 qualified prospects is the secret to the game. 

Our annuity insurance leads are the best vehicle to provide that benefit to you and now you can receive. 

Selling annuities does not have to be hard.  The fixed varieties offer a combination of highly sought after benefits like safety of principal, tax deferred gain, certainty of annual increase in account value and estate planning features

Rise above the crowd and noise at the bottom of the heap with best exclusive annuity leads. 

Manage to get your hands on 15-20 annuity insurance leads every week and your financial condition will rise like cream to the top.

Explore reviews of the top annuity leads.  We show you how to look for those vendors that over deliver on customer service while providing interested consumers.

Explore profitable annuity lead generation methods and systems.

Mailers, the internet, referrals and even your own website are all fertile sources.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Take advantage of the shared experiences of your successful predecessors and learn how to find the best annuity lead companies.

Discover where and how to find qualified prospects interested in your offerings.

Competition for pockets of money to invest is very high.  The ability to focus your marketing efforts on that segment of the population that is likely to have those pockets of money is a key ingredient to success.

The simplest method of acquiring annuity leads is to buy them.  The generation technique used is important. 

Several factors about how the companies you buy them from treat you after the sale should also be a significant deciding factor.

The leading methods for lead generation in use today are primarily direct mail marketing campaigns, the internet, dinner seminars and referrals.

There are also several systems or programs that offer reduced commissions in exchange for a steady supply of free leads.  Sometimes there are reduced or subsidized pricing instead of no cost.

Selling annuities has long been accomplished, at varying degrees of success, by hosting seminars.  Meals may or may not be required.  The best seminars are where you design an event to be attended by existing satisfied clients you have encouraged to bring a friend or two.

Compare reviews of annuity sales leads before you buy.

Agents may find that an annuity leads system offered by several IMO's make sense for their particular case.  Utilizing multiple companies is a common practice.

Many highly successful agents have made a great income working free leads provided by their IMO.

A reduced commission did not impede or prevent them from having a financially rewarding career.

These programs offer free or low cost consistent access to qualified and receptive consumers.

It makes sense to a many to put the burden of acquiring interested prospects on their IMO.

The agent has no need to spend their own money which is a very positive factor for many, and especially for their spouses.

The key to successful career is to have a steady stream of  people to contact with pools of available cash.

Certain demographics are key for your marketing program to target.

First and foremost, the prospects need to have significant amounts of available cash, or cash equivalents.

Examples would be bank CD's, other low paying annuities and 401K's.

Consumers who have recently received an annual business bonus, inheritance or cash settlement from a law suit make great targets.

The actual method of acquiring is really far less important than actually having a steady supply of annuity insurance leads.

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