Best Annuity Lead Generation Systems

Best annuity lead generation techniques for direct mail and internet marketing campaigns.

First of all you need to seek individuals that will likely ask for more information or price quotes.

Make sure there are no incentives of any kind offered in any way to solicit that request.

There are several specific demographics produce the best results.   The ideas below will guide to the most reliable filters and present new niches with little or no competition from other agents.

Incorporate multiple marketing methods to create the most effective annuity lead generation system.

The most reliable generation techniques are direct mail, internet and seminar. 

All can drive sales if managed and conducted properly.

Mailers can be designed to address specific issues that annuities are best suited for.  The data filters you use need to be tailored to match each benefit.

An example would be middle class consumers who are nearing retirement and are more interested in capital preservation for their retirement accounts than further appreciation.  Look for professionals with incomes of $50,000 and higher. 

Targeting professions likely to have several different companies they have worked for over their careers is helpful.

Internet lead generation can be dicey.  One very important distinction that makes online prospects valuable is if there was intent to search for information specifically about annuities.

No matter which venue is chosen make sure that no incentives are offered.  This will dilute the value of the leads produced.

Annuity seminars can be quite profitable.  Look for new twists in your marketing efforts.  Don't just offer a free meal and expect the seminar crowd to make any purchase.

Here's a great way to use meals in a seminar format.  Have an annual customer appreciation dinner and ask your clients to invite someone to attend the meal with them.

Make it a great meal that offers some form of light entertainment and keep any sales efforts very low key.  Limiting them mostly to acquiring contact information.

Follow up with a thank you letter to your clients and a brief sales letter to their guests.

These techniques have been successful in quality annuity lead generation.

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