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About ASAP Quotes Insurance Leads

ASAP Quotes provides health insurance leads to the insurance industry.

The founders of ASAP Quotes have 20 years experience as agents, brokers, medical billing and insurance specialists.

Their goal is to generate high quality health insurance leads and medicare leads to the insurance industry.

ASAP Quotes specializes in shared insurance leads and exclusive insurance leads.

Their leads are never incentivized and their leads are filtered at no extra cost.

What Type of Leads Does ASAP Quotes Offer

Individual health insurance, medicare, life insurance, aged and uninsurable leads are available.

Shared leads and exclusive leads are offered.

ASAP Lead Pricing - (may change)
Health/Medicare Leads.: Shared = $8.00 Exclusive = $20.00
Life Insurance: Shared = $14-$16 Exclusive = $28-$30

How ASAP Quotes Generates Insurance Leads

All ASAP Quotes insurance leads are generated by search engine marketing.

Online health insurance shoppers fill out a detailed form to qualify them for the right program.

The prospects are informed ahead of time that an insurance agent will contact them with a quote.

ASAP Quotes claims not to cheapen the quality of the lead by bribing consumers with prizes or gifts.

As soon as the prospect has filled out the questionnaire and hit the submit button, their information is filtered, validated
and time stamped.

The qualified insurance health insurance lead or medicare lead is then delivered to your inbox or your free lead management

ASAP Quotes Return Policy

There is a 10 day return policy for any invalid leads. Credit is made by delivering your next lead free of charge.

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ASAP Quotes Complaints - Terrible lead service
by: Jay

This was a total rip off.......leads were already sold when I called clients. As if that was not enough they turned on my account again several months after I had canceled it and I was charged for leads I did not want, did not ask for and no money was returned to me whatsoever.

ASAP Quotes Complaints - not a good experience
by: Janette

I bought the "exclusive" leads only to find out , " if the person went onto other websites and registered" was an often heard excuse why the prospect had already been sold! I mean, I called the second I got the info and did not hesitate one minute and often times they were sold already. Also, on the "credit DENIED" issue, they again went by some arbitrary number and told me I had received more leads than other agents therefore they were denying me the credit even if I didn't have the product the person was looking for! Ridiculous!

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