Auto Insurance Leads

Auto insurance leads are not created equal.  Here's what you need to know before buying any.

Just about everyone who reaches legal age is going to get an operating license.  Every state requires every driver to have at least minimum coverage.

Now the trick is insert yourself into the process of deciding which company is going to earn their business.

You need the attention of those prospects to promote your products.

What you need to accomplish this is auto insurance leads.

The first is how those auto insurance leads are generated. 

The primary generation methods are the internet, direct mail and telemarketing.  All of them can be very effective.

Each have some unique advantages over the other but there are some important considerations they all have in common.

Focus on those considerations and the following answers before you spend money on buying leads.

The most common today come from the internet .  How they are created is a key point in determining quality.

The very best online prospects come from people doing a search related to automobile or motorcycle insurance coverage. 

The consumer finds a website that provides the information wanted and offers a chance for the consumer to get a quote on how much the coverage will cost.

Their response becomes one of thousands of auto leads created online every day.

Just make sure that the companies you buy from don't use any incentives or free offers to entice the surfer into completing the form.

The price you pay should be competitive.  What is more crucial is the quality.

You need to work fresh leads so when it was created is something to know.

Unless you buy exclusive auto leads there will be several other agents sold the same prospect and you will have significant competition.

The exact number you will be working depends on many factors like your budget and available time.  It's not really possible for anyone to determine in advance how many you might receive, but your success is going to depend on your acquiring enough.

Don't buy from companies who have a minimum purchase quantity per day, week or month.  You should have the ability to turn your lead flow on and off.

There will no doubt be some bad leads you will want a refund for.  Return policies should be very liberal in your favor.

Use filters so you wind up getting the exact type prospect you are wanting to sell.  Here's a list of popular filters...

  • Geographic
  • Age of Driver
  • Credit Rating
  • Time Continuously Insured
  • High Risk
  • Home Ownership
  • Current Insurance Company Name
  • Previous Claims
  • Accidents - At Fault / Not At Fault
  • Filing Requirement
  • Number of Vehicles
  • Coverage Amount
  • License Suspension
  • Minimum-Maximum Minor-Major Driving Violations
  • Previous Claims
  • Minimum-Maximum Accidents

Final success is going to depend on your ability to buy, generate and use a sufficient number of quality auto insurance leads.

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