Best Life Insurance Leads
For Agents

To get the best life insurance leads you need to target people likely to be interested in your product and are qualified financially to pay the premiums.

Avoid any marketing program that offers any incentive at all for a response.

The best are generated without using any incentives of any kind.

Avoid any vendor that seeks impulse responses.

All created by offering incentives or spontaneous reaction will be very low quality.

Some companies use both tactics. That's the reason so many agents have so many bad experiences.

No matter whether created through mailers, the internet or  telemarketed, most suppliers employ some effort at soliciting a spontaneous reaction and in the worst cases, offer some inducement.

The best life insurance leads come from interested prospects.

The words "free service" or "get all the benefits you are entitled to" are nothing more than an incentive to get people to respond.

The number of responses will go up if similar phrases are used in the piece but the overall quality will go down.

Reaching that demographic can be accomplished by focusing your efforts on a specific segment of the population rather than the population at large.

Take the mortgage protection niche for example.

The profitable and efficient approach selling to these consumers is to send a letter to consumers who have closed on a home loan.

But not all all them are as likely to buy as a certain segment of that total population.

The best life insurance leads are consumers who are genuinely willing to consider what you have to offer.

Studies have shown that the highest percentage of recipients returning a letter sent to them about mortgage protection comes from people with household incomes of $30,000 to $80,000 and from loan amounts of between $25,000 and $150,000.

This is the sweet spot of the bell curve for mortgage protection.

Messages sent to this particular portion of new mortgages will result in the highest percentage of good life insurance leads.

The best life insurance leads come from campaigns that target people who are likely to be truly inclined toward your offer.

Looking again at a final expense campaign that uses the phrase "insurance product" in their mailer.

That letter or card will have a lower return rate than one offering something for free.

But the overall quality generated from that letter or card will be higher.

How about telemarketing?

Telemarketing companies pay their telemarketers some form of commission for every prospect agreeing to speak with an agent.

These telemarketers are salespeople and they want a good life for their families too.

And like any good salesperson, they do not take the first few times someone says "no" seriously.

And how many who answer the phone call was actually truly interested in obtaining any coverage at all?

Not many.

Which means that almost every telemarketed contact is at least in some way generated by impulse.

Remember that the highest closing insurance leads are from truly interested in life coverage and are actively considering purchasing some level of coverage.

Telemarketers are likely to try many different sales pitches which offer some incentive to go ahead and at least agree to talking to an agent.

Sometimes the incentive to the prospect is to simply say they agree to talk to an agent, simply to get off the phone.

Do internet leads come from consumers eager to hear more?

Online lead generation can be a really great way to acquire great leads.

Those are created by a person searching the web for information, pricing or who to buy from.

They may be just looking for information, or may be looking for the lowest premium or may be just looking for someone to buy it from.

These are going to be valuable because the prospect had genuine interest and was actively seeking info or quotes.

But the web can also use impulse as a trigger.  This tactic is especially employed by the affiliates that vendors use.

There is a very high demand for insurance leads.  Most companies can not acquire sufficient quantity to supply that demand.

The solution is often buying responses from web sites acting as affiliates providing contacts to the suppliers selling insurance leads.

These affiliates are paid a price that allows the insurance lead companies to resell those to agents at a profit.

Sometimes it is difficult to monitor all their affiliate websites.  Lower quality can result when those affiliates use less than desirable tactics.

"Pop-Up" ads and banners are an example of this tactic.

Who hasn't been annoyed at a pop-up ad for while searching the web for something completely unrelated?

Telemarketing, internet and direct mail marketing campaigns are all very good tools for generating the best prospects.

Just make sure the marketing campaign does not use impulse or inducements to generate the best life insurance leads.

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