Cancer Insurance Leads Enhance Your Business

Cancer insurance leads can be used to reach interested prospects reluctant to respond to most insurance marketing.

Direct mail has proven to be very effective when using the right demographic filters.

The internet is rapidly becoming a prime source of high quality prospects.

Don't miss out on this great prospecting method to generate immediate commissions, renewal commissions and open doors to additional sales.

Who buys this protection?

You should focus your cancer insurance leads generation efforts on women.

Women seem to be more keenly aware of how traumatic a cancer diagnosis can be.

In most homes, women are the decision maker on purchasing decisions.

Female heads of households are especially more likely to own a plan than any other demographic.

Cancer policies are especially common among people who work for employers offering supplemental programs.

The majority of people in small businesses don't have access to supplemental plans at their work place so there is a huge pool of interested consumers.

Mailers produce effective cancer insurance leads.They are especially productive when the letter or postcard mentions other products like critical illness or hospitalization.

They have long been effective in producing quality prospects.

Consider using a mail piece that offers more than just cancer insurance leads for the best overall results.

Target female heads of households between 30 and 50 years of age in your prospecting. 

This particular group of consumers is the most likely to be interested and generate very lucrative cancer insurance leads.

Seniors are also a profitable market.

Agents working the senior market place should also include some mention of cancer options in their mailers.

Internet marketing programs produce results.

The internet is becoming more and more the most common source for cancer leads.

Many people will go online to search for information and get quotes.

Make sure you find out how many other agents will be buying the same leads you are.

Some lead companies will offer exclusive leads and these may be your best option depending on their price.

The best online leads will come from websites about cancer.

Referrals from your customers are the best insurance leads!

Among all products out there, cancer insurance may be the easiest product to get referrals on.

There are very few over the age of 30 that do not personally know someone who has been diagnosed with some form of this disease.

They will have many friends in common that they will have talked to about how important it is to be able to get the best treatment possible.

They also will know which of their friends and relatives that probably don't have a plan but have at least expressed the need to get one.

"By the Way" Questions Produce Results!

Agents can increase their annual commission incomes dramatically asking a few "by the way" questions at the end of every meeting with a prospect or client no matter what product is being presented.

Here are a few by the way questions you should ask at the end of every presentation you make...

"By the way, do you have coverage in case of a cancer diagnosis?"

"By the way, do you have any friends or relatives that don't have any cancer plan?

"By the way, would missing work because of a diagnosis cause any financial problems?

Cancer insurance leads can produce very profitable results and should be a part of your insurance leads generation efforts.

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