Cold Calling Insurance Prospects

Cold calling insurance prospects still generates great leads.

Learn these tried and true door knocking techniques and scripts that help you make money selling.

Many agents don't like anything about dialing for dollars.

Today many have sadly forsaken this tried and true method to generate leads.  They would rather spend hundreds of dollars a week on other sources.

Spend some time dialing through a targeted list or walking into businesses and watch your sales grow.

Insurance prospecting doesn't have to be tedious.  Cold calling insurance prospects works.

Generate interested prospects using cold call scripts for insurance sales.  Call through some targeted list and just keep looking for those who are interested.

The caller will have some script to generate interest in a product.  It's true you'll have to make many dials to get some one to answer.  And talk to several people to get one interested hit.

Cold Calling Insurance Prospects To Find Those Interested

The idea is the same as with cold calling prospects in businesses or residences.

The caller must quickly determine if there is some interest on the part of the one answering the phone.

If that person is interested and is willing to discuss coverage, a high quality insurance lead has been created.

You can also personally call on these same businesses and speak with the owner, or receptionist or whom ever is there to see if that person is at all interested.  Many high quality insurance leads have been produced this way.

It's a simple proposition.  Develop a script and start using it.  Either there is some interest or there isn't.  Any interest changes the call to warm.

If there is interest, a presentation can be made right then and there, or an appointment can be made for a presentation in the near future.

B2B Cold Call Scripts for Insurance Agents

Commercial insurance cold calling scripts are designed to quickly spark interest.  Essentially the same technique is used when making personal cold calls on businesses or phoning them.

Use your life insurance cold call script on anyone who answers.  Many secretaries and receptionists work for small businesses  who do not provide any insurance enrollment options for their employees.  Take advantage of this opportunity and pitch who ever is there.

Why should everyone use this technique?

One of those reasons is that almost every agent has many hours each week with no one to sell to at the moment.  Use that time productively.

Most get whatever potential customers they have from either buying them or paying for a mailing every seven days or so.

But not all of them turn into appointments or presentations.

Most will make less than 15 presentations to interested consumers each week.

So you do have ample time to generate even more interested insurance leads by implementing cold calling.

There is always some free time during the day to use your cold calling script.

So the question becomes what to do when you're not making presentations, scrubbing applications, working pending applications and any other normal tasks?

Why not use your script a couple hours each day?

What if the average agent would simply make it part of their routine to spend any idle, non-productive time during the week calling or dialing for dollars as they say?

Dialing or knocking in person on businesses and just asking some thought provoking question about insurance coverage.

Most agents think nothing of dropping $380 on a 1,000 piece mailing which will produce between zero and 15 insurance leads of questionable interest.

That same agent could buy a really nice suit and a couple of very nice shoes for that same price and walk into 20 businesses a day with a simple prospecting script and be way ahead in both appearance and bank account balance...

All from cold calling insurance prospects.

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