Critical Illness Insurance Leads -
How To Find And Work Them

Critical illness insurance leads are a perfect marketing method to open the lucrative doorway to the small business owner.

Critical illness leads can also be a unique entry into the mortgage protection market.

The leading producer in Canada makes 100% of his sales to prospects who just closed on a home mortgage.

Capitalize on this under served and still growing market place.

Would you rather receive a "Get Well" card or a check?  If your prospect is like most people and they are diagnosed with a critical illness, they will want the check.

That's essentially the message your marketing program should employ in your quest to generate critical illness insurance leads.

Use that simple approach when prospecting owners who are very aware of the damaging effect having a critical illness like heart attack, stroke or diagnosed with cancer would have on their business.

CI can be sold as a stand alone sale or combined with disability sales to offer a higher coverage amount than just disability alone can offer.

This is particularly true for highly paid professionals like doctors, lawyers, dentists and small business owners. Their ability to work is critical to their profits.

Any critical illness will drastically reduce those profits.

Critical illness leads can be just the ticket you've been searching for to break into that high net worth prospect pool.

Direct mail marketing pays off.

Direct mail campaigns to generate critical illness insurance leads are effective when targeting the right demographics.

Focus your efforts on company owners, female heads of households and people just closing on a home mortgage.

Each of those are a unique niche market and require a slightly different message to each to be effective.

Owners need a source of capital to sustain their businesses while they receive treatment and recover from a heart attack, cancer, cancer, paralysis or any other covered critical illness or condition.

Female heads of households are unique in the importance placed on adequate insurance coverage to make sure they can provide for their children in case they loose income or have to pay for expensive treatments.

Making sure coverage is in place to make mortgage payments in the event of a critical illness is in expensive and can give great financial peace of mind to many couples.

Most everyone personally knows some one who has suffered a critical illness and many see first hand the devastating financial impact treatment and time lost from work causes.

Those who have good health insurance coverage will not have to pay a great deal for the treatment of their condition, but they'll miss time from work while being treated and recovering.

Many times the spouse of the ill person will have to miss work to provide care.

These are all points your direct mail marketing piece should bring to the prospect's mind.

The internet is a good source for quality criticall illness leads!

Many people today are searching the internet for information on most insurance products before making a purchasing decision.

When your prospect sits down at their computer and enters "critical illness insurance" into their search engine there will be displayed thousands of pages providing information and of course opportunities for free quotes.

Those prospects who respond create an online insurance lead that can be very valuable.

As long as the prospect found the request for a quote during a search for critical illness coverage, the lead will be on an interested prospect.

That's about as good as leads gets.

The unfortunate thing about most internet critical illness leads is that the lead companies who publish the websites sell to many agents.

The single largest negative comment all agents make concerning internet leads is that the prospects are bombarded by phone calls for weeks after completing that online request for a free quote.

Critical illness insurance leads can open doors other insurance marketing efforts can not open.

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