Direct Mail Insurance Leads -
Find Truly Interested Prospects

Discover the keys to effective direct mail insurance leads.

Below, you will learn how to generate qualified and interested prospects.

You can target a very narrow segment of the market place.

Niche markets are best suited for this marketing campaign.

Incorporate these ideas to increase sales.

The components of a mailing are the prospect list, the type of piece used, the content of that piece and the post office delivery category.

Final expense, mortgage protection, medicare supplements and annuities are common types of direct mail insurance leads.

The prospects can be obtained from any one of thousands of list companies.

There are two types of vendors; data compilers and resellers.

Resellers simply resell data they obtained from a data compiler.

Quality and accuracy of your insurance mailing list is critical to obtain high quality responses.

There are several types of direct mail pieces that target final expense, mortgage protection, annuity, cancer, disability, long term care, medicare supplement, life and health prospects.

Commonly used types are postcards, double post cards, tri-folded and tabbed letters or fliers, envelopes with letters and business reply envelopes inserted, envelopes with reply postcards inserted.

Your mailer design, the content of the piece and the creativity are major factors in determining the quality you receive from your mailers.

Response rates are directly tied to how your prospects perceive your leads.

The content should clearly state the features, advantages and benefits to the prospect of what every you are selling.

Avoid any incentives that promote something for free just for sending back the mailer.

The USPS has three categories; post card, first class and standard.

Within each of those categories the postage rates vary depending on how much pre-sorting is done on the leads.

Software can be used to allow the cheapest possible postage which will reduce the cost.

The prices for that software range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars.

A simple cost analysis can help determine if the reduced postage rate warrants the purchase of the software to reduce the amount of money you spend.

Post cards are the least expensive method of generating, followed by standard letters or bulk with first class letters being the expensive postage rate.

Your campaign can be outsourced to a mail house.

It can also be easily generated by the agent themselves.

In house generation gives the agent complete control over their expenses and the quality generated.

Doing your own mailers is the least expensive method of acquisition.

Agents would have ample time to manage their own in house mailings.

There are hundreds of companies offering standard or custom designed mailpieces.

Common direct mail insurance leads are final expense, medicare supplement, annuities and mortgage protection.

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