Disability Insurance Leads
Increase Your Sales and Profits

Our disability insurance leads deliver among the highest closing ratios in the industry. 

Qualified and interested disability prospects are expecting you to contact them.  We deliver only those leads that meet the filters you establish.  And there's more...

You can now benefit from special promotional pricing discounts! 

Protect your client's most valuable asset, their income.

Draw your prospect's attention to the fact that even their home is in jeopardy if they suffer an accident or get sick and can not work.  Your prospect stands to loose everything they own in that situation.

That truth is what your disability insurance leads need to bring to the front of your prospect's attention.

What is the target market for this type of insurance leads?

Aim your disability marketing efforts at small business owners and high earning professionals.  Insurance leads from this demographic will be very valuable.

Doctors, lawyers, dentists and small business owners are the driving force behind all income generation within their practice or small business.  They are the engines that drive the money coming into their practice or business.  Any disability caused by accidental injury or illness will slow or stop that money stream.  Within that market, females will be more receptive to your sales efforts than men.

Direct mail campaigns allow you to target this very specific insurance niche.  Disability leads may be produced by directing your efforts to business owners with less than 10 employees and ideally less than 5 or 6 employees.  This size small business is less likely to have any disability program in place.  The owner is usually the key employee and without being at work, the business income will most certainly diminish.

High earning professionals are also a profitable niche to target your direct mail towards.  Look for those professions that are likely to require just one person or maybe two or three employees.  Marketing representatives, independent sales people, dentists, orthodontists and PRN status health care employees like physical therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists would be profitable insurance niches.

Online disability insurance leads are gaining popularity.  Studies have shown that more than 50% of all people who buy any insurance product search the internet for information or premium quotes before purchasing.  The internet delivers interested prospects because it was some triggered emotion that caused the prospect to start their online search.

Online leads can be generated by building your own marketing website to attract prospects through pay per click ads on the search engines.  You can also generate your own disability prospects by building your own marketing website that would attract those surfing for information on disability coverage to your own website.

The most common method of acquiring online disability leads is simply buy them from an internet lead company.  Make sure you know how many agents are going to be sold the same one you are buying.

Know how long it takes from the time the prospect enters their information on the company's website till you receive it.

Don't buy internet leads that are more than a few minutes old if you can help it.  Use the filters your lead company provides to make sure you're getting them only during the times that you will be able to contact the prospect within a couple of minutes of receiving it.

Since most companies sell their leads to more than one agent this is very important.  You do not want to be the 10th insurance agent who calls the prospect.

Many successful insurance agents employ marketing campaigns designed to generate disability insurance leads.

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