Door to Door Insurance Sales -
Just Keeps On Working

Door to door insurance sales has always been a staple in profitable prospecting ideas.

Door knocking is not necessarily what every agent wakes up every morning eager to do.

But it still produces premiums and that's what every agent is after.

Shoes cost less than mailers and the ROI on this lead generation methods is higher than any other system.

A good return on direct mail leads is anything above 1%.  This means that 990 out of 1000 prospects sent a mailer do not respond.

Those 990 prospects may be interested, they just didn't respond to the mailer they received.

The main reason they didn't respond is that they didn't read it.

The single best way to get a higher response to any marketing campaign is to get the people to at lease see or hear the sales script.

Door to door insurance sales capitalizes on this marketing secret.

You will be amazed at how many people will answer your knocking.

You'll be amazed at how many people will actually be interested in hearing what you have to say.  Selling insurance door to door is as simple as that.

Some of them will want you to set an appointment for a later date, but what's wrong with that?

Many of them will let invite you into their homes to hear your sales script while you're there.

That's even better because sales presentations are what you are after.

The more sales presentations you make, the more sales you will make.

You can increase your premium sales by focusing your door to door insurance sales on those households where the most likely prospects live.

This is simple to do by buying a mailing list on people that fit the demographics of your target market.

Sort your mailing list by street address.

Print out the list using a spread sheet and carry the printouts with you on a clip board when you go to the neighborhoods for door knocking sales.

Your goal is to get appointments and close the deal.

Develop a very short and very direct sales script to deliver to tell the prospects who answer your knock.

Your script should take less than 30 seconds to deliver so that the prospect will hear the reason you're there.

Be polite when refused and don't take it personally. Don't answer their objections, just go on to the next address on your list.

Create a door hanger to leave at every home that does not answer your knock.

The best hanger will actually be a post card that has your postage paid indicia on one side and a place for your brief message and a form to put name, address and phone number on the other side.

Get a Business Reply Permit from the post office and have your name and address printed on one side of the post card you're going to use as a hanger.

What you'll actually be doing is delivering your own insurance mailers and at least most of them will actually be read.  Having your message read is the first step in selling.

Door to door insurance sales is not an easy thing and most agents are reluctant to knock but it does produce sales.

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