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Effective insurance leads advertising through Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com offers unique, well placed and targeted advertising options for insurance lead companies, mail houses, marketing organizations that offer insurance leads and independent marketing organizations to reach insurance agents.

Our informational site is visited by insurance agents all across the country.

They are searching for information on acquiring, generating and using insurance leads.

Many are searching for an independent IMO to contract through.

Some are looking to find just the right IMO to provide them a steady stream of quality insurance leads.

The Power a Trusted Authority Presenting Your Message

Effective insurance leads advertising has the power to reach highly motivated insurance agents while they are actively searching for the solutions your company has to offer. They are searching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Insurance agents have come to trust Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com to deliver relevant and professional information on how to buy, generate and use insurance leads.

The content on each of our pages is written by insurance professionals with decades of experience on selling insurance products, recruiting insurance agents, training insurance agents, building insurance agencies, buying insurance leads, generating insurance leads and every other facet of insurance marketing.

The Power of Persistent, Repetive and Positive Exposure by a Trusted Authority

Our visitors have come to trust Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com to deliver thoughtful, honest and unbiased information on every aspect of acquiring, generating and using insurance leads.

Our sponsorships deliver your message on every page of our site, to insurance agents actively seeking what you offer.

It takes persistent, repetitive and positive exposure by a trusted authority who shares your passion to over deliver the resultsyour advertising dollars have long sought.

The Unique Flavor of Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com

Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com was created to share valuable experiences gained over decades of selling insurance products, recruiting insurance agents, training insurance agents, building insurance agencies and IMO's.

Our site is a non-commercial product of our passion for helping insurance agents reach their financial goals and provide a wonderful life for themselves and their families.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates

Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com seeks only a few quality partners on a category exclusive basis.

Categories include, lead companies, mail houses, insurance sales training, mail room equipment vendors, IMO's with a lead program and IMO's that offer everything but leads.

This is not an exhaustive list of categories available for effective insurance leads advertising.

You must offer a truly valuable service or product.

Complete the form below to contact us. Together we can build an advertising program that creates a win-win-win situation for your company, the insurance agent and Effective-Insurance-Leads.Com

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