Exclusive Insurance Leads

Exclusive insurance leads make you more money than shared.  Everyone has heard horror stories about being the 10th person to call some poor surfer who just wanted a premium quote.  You want to be the first to call and not the last.  Set yourself up for success by limiting your competition. 

The best way to accomplish that is to be the only producer to receive a particular lead.  The upfront price will be higher but you will also close more sales.  Your closing ratio will be higher.

Increase your bottom line by buying exclusive insurance leads.

Buying exclusive leads will help you produce more sales for each lead dollar spent.  Working exclusive auto leads will make that competitive market easier.  Wouldn't you rather be the only agent calling a health lead?

Companies generate the responses they sell to producers by direct mail campaigns, internet, telemarketers, print and media advertisements.  Each generation technique is used by hundreds or thousands of different marketing companies seeking responses from the same consumers.

Every senior citizen living in any city in the United States continually receives mailers selling final expense, medicare supplements, annuities and many other different products.  You can rest assured that those seniors who do respond to any mailer, will respond to others also.

If you've ever taken out a home mortgage you know the barrage of mortgage protection direct mail solicitations you received. Now you have some idea how the leads feel when you call them.

Quite a few who complete a form and mail it back, will complete several forms.  The vast majority of people surfing the web looking for quotes or information are going to contact additional websites.  Wouldn't you?  I imagine the percentage who do is very high.

Working exclusive insurance leads reduces your competition

Those people who are targeted by telemarketers are not just contacted by a single telemarketer.  If they are receptive to one, they'll likely be interested in hearing from at least a few.

Ever worked real time leads that came in while you were at your computer and you called immediately?  Have you ever heard the question "which company are you with?"

You know that prospect completed a few forms.

Most people completing a form on some website requesting a quote or additional information, probably completed forms on other websites.  There is no doubt that if the same leads are pitched multiple times, whoever contacts them first is most likely to make a sale.

The decision you have to make is how much extra should you be willing to pay for the right to be the only producer getting those potential clients.

Exclusive insurance leads are the choice to make.

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