Final Expense Insurance Leads

Discover how to find the best final expense insurance leads.  Find quality lead companies in this complete guide to help you make money.  There have been many skeptics, but the senior market remains profitable for experienced agents.  The key to a successful career is to acquire a steady stream of quality leads without breaking the bank.  Being successful is fairly easy with 15 -20 or so effective final expense leads every week.

You can make lots of money working final expense insurance leads and it's easy to start.  The catch is ... that you must obtain a steady stream of leads at a cost that allows you to earn commissions in excess of your costs which will result in a profit for you.  The profit that is produced should also be large enough to offset the financial risk of your $$$ spent acquiring leads.

One of the earliest decisions that must made is which companies to contract with.  You'll also need to choose how you're going to sell final expense.   Are you going to make face to face appointments in the home?  Are you going to make presentations via telesales?  You might even choose to have a mix of each method.

There are many ways to get final expense insurance leads.

Use this review to avoid the costly mistakes made.  Mistakes that put many out of business.

Generation methods include client referrals, a direct mail campaign, internet and telemarketing.  You should include multiple methods to generate leads.  Direct mail is the primary source.

Avoid costly mistakes with effective direct mail.

Sometimes called burial leads they have rapidly become the prominent source for senior leads.

Avoid financial disaster by applying some fundamental market place analysis in your decision making process to acquire final expense leads.

Know this before buying telemarketing insurance leads.  The vast majority are generated by sending out mailers.  It is a simple process and doesn't require any special equipment or knowledge.

You can buy from a mail house, lead companies or from an IMO offering a lead program.  A program subsidizes the generation or acquisition cost of insurance leads in exchange for a lower commission level than you were independent and chose to buy direct from a vendor or generate your own.  These IMO's offer programs which make leads available to their down line below the prevailing market price.

Working FE leads can be very profitable.  There have been thousands who have made a very comfortable living doing just that.  It isn't hard, but it isn't easy either.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and make money doing it.  But that isn't the case.  Many, many, will fail.  You must have realistic expectations concerning all aspects of buying and using final expense insurance leads.

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