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Choosing the right final expense telemarketing leads is critical to help you avoid costly mistakes.

They can be used to increase profits by following some basic common sense.

But this marketing technique has changed over the years.  Most people today are on the "do not call" list. This means that the prospecting lists that include phone numbers is small and getting smaller every day.

The whole universe of people calling the few names who are left to call are wearing out those on the list with tons of telemarketing calls every day.

But final expense telemarketing leads are still profitable.

Seniors especially are hit hard by companies.  The result is that a resistance increases to the point that its hard to get quality  leads today.  Choosing the right company is even more crucial today than ever before.

The biggest problem is the high percentage of leads that are really not interested.  They just agreed to have someone call them to get rid of the pushy telemarketer.

Verification of true interest is key to your success.  This is usually accomplished by requiring a supervisor to speak directly with the prospect and verify that they really do want to be contacted by an agent.

If the verification process asks common questions like, what is your favorite color, and that answer is recorded with the lead; the consumer can be reminded they answered that question.  This will often jog the prospect's memory and at least add that level of credibility as to why you called them.

Compare the difference between an unsolicited direct mail marketing piece to an unsolicited telemarketing phone call.

It is much easier for the prospect to simply toss the unwanted mail piece in the trash. There is no pushy agent to force the mail piece on the prospect. Only those truly interested send back the reply piece.

Enter the unsolicited phone call. It is true that many prospects simply hang up. That is where the scenario is the same with the mailer.

Here is the crucial difference though. The telemarketing company makes a commission if they can somehow convince or badger the prospect into agreeing to allowing an agent to call them to set up an appointment. The results in leads that are very near worthless.

When the agent who paid good money reaches the telemarketing prospect by phone it will be very difficult for the agent to even get an appointment. Many of those that do agree will be no shows.

Be very cautious when spending your hard earned money on final expense telemarketing leads.

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