Final Expense Telesales -
Can You Make Money

Final expense telesales provides significant profits for those agents who have mastered the system.

No travel at all is required in selling over the telephone.  Any type of leads can be used.

Avoid having a closed mind concerning phone sales which is how all companies advertising on TV sell.

You might find substantial profits.

Think about it. What's not attractive about being able to sell over the phone?

Selling over the telephone you don't have to leave your home. You can have a true work from home career.  You already have your own business.  Being able to run your own business from home is an even better accomplishment.

A successful final expense telesales system does just that. 

Now why would you not at least want to investigate if it could fit your style?

That's the beauty of selling over the phone. Developing a successful strategy that allows you to make money dialing for dollars in your own house is about as good as it gets.

Travel costs involved in running person to person calls can become very expensive. Final expense telesales eliminates all that.

Most agents don't realize how much it actually does cost them to drive to and from all their appointments.

Drive time is non-existent using this technique.

Most agents who run face to face appointments will run appointments within a hour's drive.

Agents running appointments scattered across a sixty mile wide territory can easily drive 150 to 200 miles a day.

That's four to five hours of drive time every day.  Selling over the telephone has no drive time.  Use that time you save to make additional calls.  Use that 4 or 5 hours to find interested consumers.

Gasoline costs average around $3.30 a gallon.  Most agents running appointments at least three days a week.  You can easily spend $90 per week to get back and forth from their face to face appointments.

Telesales allows you to use that $90 on generating insurance leads.

If you're driving 200 miles a day, three days a week, you're going to need an oil change every month and that's another $40 or so per month in travel cost.

Use that $40 on generating extra insurance leads or adding to your savings plan.

Tires aren't cheap and driving 600 miles a week is 30,000 per year.  Four tires cost around $600 which means you're spending $300 a year or $25 a month on tires traveling to your face to face appointments.  Driving 30,000 miles per year to run calls is going to wear your car out. 

You will never drive using telesales.

If you replace your car every 150,000 miles, you'll need to spend about $12,000 every five years on buying a new car.

That's going to set you back about $3,000 per year, or $250 per month in vehicle depreciation or replacement costs.

Adding up all these monthly costs puts your monthly travel costs at $405 each month!

Invest that $405 each month for additional marketing, recruiting or  adding it straight to your bottom line working telesales.

There are a couple of pitfalls in being profitable in final expense telesales.

First, you have to have some one to sell to.

That means you're going to need some prospects.

Now, this is the same if you were running calls.

Here's where the second pitfall, or obstacle, you must overcome to be successful in telesales.

Your prospect is going to have to trust you to for you to make telesales.

Again, this is the same thing that's required to get a sale if you were sitting at the table with the prospect.

Establishing trust over the telephone is probably going to be more difficult for most agents than establishing that trust in person.

What the combination of these two pitfalls means to the average agent considering final expense telesales is that you're probably going to need a higher number of prospects with telesales than you would selling in person.

Acquiring the ability to instill trust in your prospects via telesales is a skill that can be learned by most agents.

In reality, establishing trust in telesales is essentially the same skill set used in establishing trust in the home.

Overcoming the hurdle and cost of needing additional leads, or prospects to call on, is best accomplished by creating your own.

This is easily done by acquiring a list of phone numbers and calling those numbers. Telesales is also finding the prospects to start with.

You're only looking for those prospects that are interested. So keep calling until you find them.

Most final telesales insurance leads today are obtained by calling business numbers where there is no restrictions on who you can call.

You may even discover that you will open the door to other products like, life, cancer, critical illness and disability along the way.

Have those products in your arsenal and you might make much more than you ever thought you would just offering final expense telesales.

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