Health Insurance Leads

Buy affordable health insurance leads to increase premium sales and profits.

Find individual and group prospects that are actually interested and qualified.

Target highly profitable niche markets.

You can make them the main focus of your generation program for new clients or simply additional income streams.

Include lucrative supplemental insurance leads in your prospecting efforts to broaden you client base.  Senior health insurance sales leads generated online or by direct mail reach this audience.

Create a steady stream of commissions for years to come.

Here are the secrets to buying health insurance leads online.

They're what puts you in front of exclusive health insurance leads who are ready to buy.

The prospect has made the buying decision

Just let them know what it will cost and who to buy it from.

The best health insurance leads reach that group.

Medical, group health, medicare supplement, disability, critical illness, cancer and long term care are all forms of health prospects.

Agents need a steady stream of qualified and interested consumers.

Easily generated by direct mailings to a targeted and receptive audience.

Exclusive health insurance leads online are commonly generated from consumers surfing health websites for quotes and information on coverage.

Don't Use Incentives

In order to make sure the responses and inquiries you receive are truly interested you need to make sure no incentives are offered to the prospect at any time.

Do not add incentives your marketing content by offering a free toaster or anything else for free.

Those generated because of these free offers will be low quality.

Adding incentives is a tactic commonly used by vendors to increase the response rates and number of responses generated.

Mail houses advertise a high response rate as a hook to entice agents to try their services.

Internet companies use that tactic even more to generate medical insurance sales leads sold to agents.

The internet has rapidly becoming the favorite generation method across the country.

There are three important questions you will want to know to help you determine who you are going to give your hard earned money to.

In order for you to get the biggest bang for your buck you will need to get the lead as soon as possible after completing the inquiry form.

Interest was there completing the form but interest fades fast sometimes.

Another thing to remember is that prospect probably completed another inquiry form or two.  Which means you will not be the only one trying to contact them.  So reach them as soon as you can.

The early bird gets the worm is definitely true so you will want to get in front of the prospect as soon as possible.

Internet prospects are usually sold to several agents.Those are commonly called shared.  You should investigate the pricing for exclusive which are sold to just one agent.

This just adds fuel to the fire of how quick you need to contact them.  There are many horror stories about being the 10th or so to contact them.  You can imagine their happiness to talk to you next.

The generation method is also critical in determining the quality of the leads.

Sometimes companies use what are called affiliates. 

These are websites that are not owned or operated by the company but sell any requests for quotes or additional information to the lead companies.

The lead companies then resell those to agents.

Generating companies get paid for each response sold to an agent.

Any affiliate tactic that increases the responses are a good thing for the lead company but not necessarily so good for you.

Make sure to track the performance of each of the companies.

Supplemental Health Insurance Leads

Critical illness leads can be used to reach a specific niche.

Business owners are constantly aware that if they were diagnosed with some critical illness their company would suffer and maybe even close down.  Health leads from this group are productive.

Owners and high income prospects find it difficult to get enough disability coverage to sustain their business or personal lifestyle if diagnosed with some critical illness like heart attack, stroke, paralysis, blindness or even Alzheimer's.

Overhead expense mailers are an effective method to reach the small business owner.

Prospect business owners for great supplemental health leads.

Owners are usually the driving force behind every aspect of their businesses.

Should the owner ever become disabled due to illness or injury, their small business is in grave jeopardy.

Overhead expense leads reach that marketplace by providing a product that pays the operating expenses of the company when the owner becomes disabled.

Disability leads target business owners, high income self-employed, doctors, lawyers and dentists.

This marketplace is keenly aware of the need to protect their most valuable asset, their income stream.

Less than half of all employees are able to obtain disability insurance in the workplace and the market is ripe for effectively marketing disability leads.

Cancer leads are highly profitable.

More and more people are aware of the devastating effects a diagnosis of has on people and their families. 

Most health policies will pay for the most of the actual treatment of cancer but the financial impact on the families of people diagnosed with cancer is devastating in many cases.

A marketing plan targeting consumers interested in cancer treatment plans can be used effectively to generate quality health leads and produce insurance sales in addition to the cancer insurance plan.

Long term care leads target a market place that seeks to preserve assets in the event of an extended specialized health care.

Extended stays in nursing homes or convalescent care facilities are expensive.

The ideal prospect will have sufficient income to pay the premiums and an estate large enough to warrant protection.  Focus your marketing dollars on this demographic for supplemental health leads.

The increased incidence and awareness of Alzheimer's disease has heightened the need to consider long term care insurance.

Rising costs of hospitalization and reduced benefits for medicare have combined to make the market for hospital indemnity plans profitable.

Hospital policies have affordable premiums and is particularly effective in the senior market place.

Hospital indemnity mailers can be used to reach a niche that has been pounded by final expense agents.

Nursing home mailers and websites target seniors who are ever more aware of the number of people who will spend at least some time in a nursing home during the final years of their lives.

Providing nursing home benefits can be used to penetrate the senior marketplace and open doors to additional sales.

Have a good final expense product with you when you visit the homes of your health leads.

Health insurance leads are effective and produce both immediate and renewal income for years to come.

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