Insurance Appointment Setting
Scripts and Tips

Your insurance appointment setting skills will determine how successful you are going to be.

Learn what and what not to say by using these proven techniques and tips.

You've got some leads to contact and now you're ready to write some policies.  But first you have to set the stage.  You may be wondering, what now?

Your success is going to depend on establishing a face to face meeting with your prospect.  Focus your initial contact on booking that presentation

Sharpen and hone your insurance appointment setting scripts to make more money.

A key tip is to develop a script that seeks to sell an appointment, not insurance!

Focus the insurance appointment setting script on getting personally in front of them.  The largest mistake you can make is to qualify or sell the prospect while on the phone.

The purpose of the call is simply to set an appointment and nothing else.

Every contact you make with a prospect is some form of selling and what you say, or do not say, is important to the outcome.

Remember that what you're selling on the initial telephone call is the appointment so focus on just booking that face to face meeting.

Remind the consumer that they asked you to call.

You must very quickly bring them to remember making some response that generated the lead you have on them if you want to set an appointment.

Consider using an appointment setting service.  Though this should really be avoided since you have both the time and the expertise.

The consumer asked you to contact them so use this powerful tip.  Use their first name from the lead as the first word out of your mouth when they answer.

Your prospect information will likely have a male and female's name so use that as the first thing you speak in a question like tone of voice.

When someone answers the phone respond with "Sally? or "Bill?" depending on if a woman or man answers.  Wait for them to respond with either "yes" or "let me get them."  The next thing you tell them is this...

"Sally, my name is 'your first and last name', and the reason I'm calling is that you sent back a card (contacted our website, etc) requesting information on "what ever product". Do you remember that?

Most of the time you get a "yes" response and then you simply reply...

"Great, I'm the agent assigned to your case and it only takes me 5 - 10 minutes to explain your options and answer any questions you may have."

Continue, without pause, the script.  Once the appointment is set, end the call as quickly as possible.

Guide The Prospect By Offering Only Two Appointment Times

Offer two time slots.  Offering only two options makes their decision simply one or the other.

Remember, you have just completed the last sentence of your script above.

Do not pause and give them a chance to respond at this time.

Continue on without pause with...

"I have two times available tomorrow, 10 A.M. or 1:30 PM, which of those times works best for you?

Wait for their response.  This is important for your success.

If the response is one of those times, answer with "Great, I've got you down for 10 A.M. Is your address (ask what's on the lead)?

When they say "yes", answer "Great, I'll see you and Bill tomorrow at 10 A.M." and then tell them "have a great rest of the day and I'll see you tomorrow at 10 A.M.

Believe it or not, at least a third of your appointments will be this easy to make. I've personally made thousands of appointments using these exact words.  The average time on the telephone with them was under two minutes.

Any questions they may ask you along the process, respond with "That's a good question and that's one of the things we'll go over when we get together.  I'm putting you down for 10:00 AM is that better for you?.

The call should be very short. Typically less than 2 minutes.

As your skills increase you'll discover that the above script works quite well and most appointments will actually get done very quickly on the phone.

The phone call is part of the sorting process to find out who is really interested in purchasing.

If the prospect won't agree to meet with you, just move on.  Understand that you are not going to close all your leads.  They didn't buy today, but they may later.

What ever you do though, do not throw them away.

Revisit them a month or two later. They may have been having a bad day.

The insurance appointment setting script you use is key.

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