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The insurance lead companies you choose determines your success.

A list of the top lead services below will deliver increased sales and commissions.

Agents spend a large part of their time engaged in various forms of marketing programs with the hopes of finding some one to sell to.  The top lead providers and sources can be used to provide that needed source of quality prospects.

That way, you can spend your time selling instead of finding someone to sell to.

Using good insurance lead companies will increase your sales and profits.  In fact, for most agents, their marketing costs are their single largest expense.

How do you find the best insurance lead companies before you have spent all your money on bad and ugly ones?

We offer high quality lead sources for the products you are selling.

Here are some points you should consider before you buy leads from any provider or source.

Many agents prefer to get their leads through a lead program.  Quality programs offer a win-win for agent and company.

Any generation method, internet, direct mail, or telemarketing has a hook, or sales pitch to capture the interest of the targeted audience.  There must also be some call to action to entice the prospect to respond by completing a form or asking for a quote or agreeing to have someone call them.

It is imperative that the hook or sales pitch does not offer any incentives at all in exchange for the desired response.  Using incentives or offering something for free is a sure fire method to increase response rates.

Higher response rates are a good thing for the insurance lead companies but not necessarily so good for whoever buys them.

There is nothing more frustrating to someone who has just paid $20 for a prospect only to find out when they contact the prospect that 10 other agents have already called on them.  The easiest way for insurance leads companies to increase their profits is to sell what prospects are generated to more than one agent.

Find out if they are supposed to be exclusive leads .

If they intend to sell the same exact one to more than one agent, how many are they going to sell to.  Also find out how long it is from generation until its sold.  You could be paying $10 for one generated two weeks ago that 5 others have already bought.  The early bird gets the worm when it comes to working shared prospects.  Unless you are working aged leads.

Even if the top lead services only sell each prospect to one agent, you can rest assured that the prospect has been pitched by multiple services or visited websites from many companies to ask for quotes or information.

You need to know how long it takes from the time the prospect responded, for you to receive it.  Some lead sources will hold them for days and even weeks in some cases

Even the best providers make mistakes.  There will be times when you pay for leads that do not have a valid address or a valid phone number in order for you to be able to reach them.

They may be older than 85 years old and not eligible for any coverage.  Its not uncommon for some consumers upset with junk mail to send back fictitious responses to cost the mailers money.

Occasionally even the best lead providers will mistakenly sell duplicates.

Find out what the credit or return policy is for each of the companies you do business with.  The return policy needs to be as liberal in the agent's favor as possible. This feature will help you spot the top companies.  Make sure the return policy is in writing and it should be easy to apply for the credit or return.  Credits or refunds should be promptly made.

Getting the answers to these questions will put you on the right track to find the truly best lead source.  They will also help you to avoid the costly mistakes that many agents make.  Costly mistakes that can ruin them. 

Buying from these top insurance lead companies will increase your sales.

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