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The best insurance lead program offers low cost or free leads.  Here are what services are available from a wide variety of IMO's.

Most target a specific niche market such as final expense, mortgage protection, annuity, medicare supplements and others.

The marketing organization pays for generation then offers them to their down line at a reduced price or sometimes without charge.

It is also very common to have a local agency specializing in a niche market with 3 - 10 writing agents offer some type of similar arrangement.

The ideal lead program is a "win-win" situation for both you and the agency.

In either case, the agency attempts to capitalize on your need for interested consumers and the high cost of obtaining them.

Prospects are essential to have profits and the main goal is to generate qualified and interested consumers.

Without prospects there are no sales and and without sales there are no profits. Without interested consumers you will fail.

A program may provide senior leads.  This niche probably has the highest number of companies to choose from.  There are hundreds of agencies out there.

Lead generation can cost hundreds of dollars per week.  In many cases, two or three weeks must pass before any commissions will be received.  This is a serious drain on cash flow for many.

Most are reluctant or unable to invest that amount of money per week. Not having enough capital to invest before realizing a return will quickly drive many out of the business.

Agents essentially sell the same product for about the same price, but most will fail because they can't find anyone to sell to.

Enter the lead program whose plan is to solve that problem by providing interested consumers at either a greatly reduced price or for no charge in some cases.

The problem of having no one to sell to is solved and the price for that solution is a reduced commission on each sale made.

The marketing organization hopes to offset or recoup their generation expenditure by making a commission on each sale made.

The company sometimes makes more than the agent who writes the business.

However there can be a win-win proposition for both parties.

In this case, the agent has a lot of time because they don't have anyone to sell to and don't have enough money to pay for mailings.

The company has money to produce them but doesn't have enough time to call on all prospects generated.

An insurance lead program satisfies the needs of both parties.

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