Insurance Mailers - How To Design
Create and Mail Your Own

Design and create your own insurance mailers and you'll have complete control over your insurance leads generation program.

You can send to who you want to, when you want to and say what you want to.

Learn how to create your own final expense mailers.

Sending out your own direct mail is a very simple process.

The most common generation method for insurance leads is through targeted mail pieces.

Final expense mailers are probably the most common leads generated using direct mail campaigns.  Annuity leads and medicare supplement leads would be right behind them.

It can be done with any lap top and just about any printer.

The same process is involved whether you're sending out 500 insurance mailers a week or 100,000 lead cards a week.

The only difference would be the equipment, labor and software used to create and send those final expense mailers.

This action guide is designed the agent who wants to send out 1,000 - 3,000 mailers per week.

Our purpose is to get an agent to the point where they can get out their own insurance mailers.

The total time needed per week to get out a 1,000 mailers using a reply card inserted into a window envelop is going to average 3 or 4 hours per mailing. This can be accomplished using only a laptop computer and just about any printer.

Imagine receiving 15 -30 insurance lead cards from you own mailers each week.

The most common method of lead generation for direct mail leads is to send out a reply card inserted into a window envelop.

This is how most houses send their mailers out and they charge anywhere from $380 to $450 per cards or mailers sent.

An agent can do the same 1,000 piece insurance mailers in about 3-4 hours with a cost of about $300 - $320 per thousand pieces.

Step 1. Get Post Office Permits

This method of sending mailers is what the USPS calls Standard Mail. Without buying any mailing software, you can get a postage price of $0.26 or better for each piece.

You will need to get a standard bulk mail permit for your mailers which costs $190 per year. This allows you to get the special postage rates available to commercial bulk mailers. You need to send at least 200 to get the special postage rates for standard class postage.

Since you are wanting the prospect to fill out the card you send them and drop it back in the mailbox to you (no postage necessary to the prospect), you will also need a business reply permit which is $190 per year. Then the customer can simply fill out what you ask for and drop the card into their mailbox. You will pay the postage plus a small fee per returned postcard of about $1 when you receive one of your insurance lead cards back.

You can find a post office, USPS, nearest you that has a bulk mailing center and they will work with you to help you get started. Remember to be very nice to these people. You are their customer, but they may not be as customer centered as you are to your clients. They will be important to you as you develop your direct mail campaign. So get them to like you.

When you get your permits, the USPS will give you the name of a graphic designer paid by the USPS for you to contact and they will design your indicia you'll need to use for business reply cards or envelops. You can get this the same day in many cases.

Step 2. Design and Create Your Insurance Mailers and Window Envelopes

Here's how to do your own mailers and generate high quality insurance lead cards in the process.

Remember, what you are doing is inserting a postcard into a window envelop with your message and a simple form for your prospect to fill out on one side; and on the other side will be your Business Reply return address indicia, designed by the post office in Step 1.

The most common would be a #9 window envelop (3.875" X 8.875) with a 3.625" X 8.50" piece of postcard stock inserted with the address of the prospect showing through the window.

The simplest way to accomplish this is to go to a office supply store and buy some postcard stock. Ask which stock is approved for use with the USPS. Pick some color you think might work well. I like white, some like bright yellow, pastel green and other colors are also used. Some send one color the first mailing and another color for subsequent mailers. Don't send to the same prospects more than once every 90 days.

You now have some options, depending on your existing printer/copier, on exactly how to best go about addressing, printing your message and business reply info onto your insurance mailers.

One way would be to print your insurance mailers all yourself on your own printer. You can make 3 cards from one 8.5" X 11" piece of stock. Print out your business reply indicia and attach three of them to a piece of stock so that you have three indicias stacked on top of each other and then, just make copies of that.

Do the same thing for your message and form you want your prospects to complete. Make sure to leave room to later put your prospect's address on before inserting it in the envelop.

Then put the copies of the business reply side of the card you just made into your copier and make the same number of copies to put your message and submission forms on the address side of the mailers.

What you will have then is 3 postcards on each of those pieces of postcard stock. Simply cut the stock carefully so that each is complete except for the consumer's info you are going to put on them before inserting them in the envelops.

You might want to take your mailpiece to a local printer and see what they would charge you to do all that for you. It may or may not be less than you can do it yourself. If you have them printed and cut for you, the only thing you'll have to do is to address them and take them to the USPS.

Step 3. Get an Insurance Mailing List of Prospects

You will need to acquire a list of prospects. There are tons of companies selling prospect lists, but be careful, not all prospects lists are equal. Some have more accurate information, like good addresses and other demographics like age and income.

You will want your insurance mailers sent to the correct person at the correct house.

Make sure the prospect list company provides you a list that has been scrubbed against the change of address system within the USPS. Also make sure the list company also provides you a CASS certification. Ask them about that, but most good list companies will provide that whether you ask for it or not.

You will be using word processing software like Microsoft's Word, so also make sure the list company supplies you a list that comes in excel format so you can sort that list as you like. Also you will be using the excel format to address your mailpieces and place a USPS approved bar code for each home.

To get the best rates without having to buy mailing software, you'll simply sort this list by zip code before addressing the cards. Software can be purchased to get your rates much lower than $0.26 for each piece.

Step 4. Address Your Insurance Mailers

Use a word processor to create your mailers, like Microsoft's Word, that has a mail-merge function and create a letter which will contain only the address of the prospect and the corresponding bar code. You create your letter with first name, last name on one line; street on the next line; City, State and Zip Code +4 on the next line; then the bar code on the next line. That is the only thing on the letter, the rest is pre-printed on your postcard stock insurance mailers.

Print out your insurance or insurance mailers and sit back and watch your first very own mailing come out of your printer.

Keep them in order as they come out and that will be the order you deliver them to the post office. The USPS will give you postal trays to use for this. The USPS will also give you any labels you may need to place on those trays. You'll essentially be putting them in postal trays sorted either by the first three numbers of the zip code or the first 5 numbers of the zip code.

Again, if you use software, the software will do all this for you and you will get a lower price for doing that part of the post office's work for them.

But keep it simple to start with. Learn to crawl, then walk, then run with the full features of any mailhouse. It's not rocket science!

Step 5. Insert the Card Into Your Envelop and Seal It

This part may sound like its not a lot of fun, and that would be about right. But you're not doing this for fun.

You are doing this because you have some time you aren't using to actually talk to a prospect just yet. You are also doing this to gain absolute control over your own insurance  or medicare supplement mailers.

You are the one deciding what your prospecting letter or cards say, who they say it to, when your say it to them. Its your money, you should be in control of your own mailing.

It's going to take you about 3 or 4 hours to insert and seal 1,000 envelops. It will take longer than that the first couple of times, but you will quickly get the process down.

You also now have an insurance prospect list of names and addresses that include age and income levels that you probably would not have if you had a mail house do the work for you. There are many options you have to tweak this process to lower your cost of leads and reduce the amount of your time that is required. But the actual process is essentially the same.

There will be other methods of sending out life insurance or annuity mailers also.

You might try to print out your message and submission form on one piece of card stock, then tri-folding that letter and tabbing it.

Those would also be sent out as standard.

Agents can very easily design and create their own direct mail prospecting letters or cards.

The magic is not in who does the mailing, the magic is in the creativity of the piece you send out.

One novel method of insurance prospecting is to prepare your mailers, but then deliver them by door knocking a sorted list.

You can save the $.26 or so postage and hand deliver them by going door to door to the names and addresses on your list.

You can actually earn about $15 per hour doing this by saving on the postage you would have to pay the post office to deliver them for you.

There are many other options you have also. You will discover many creative ways to get in front of qualified prospects by doing your own insurance mailers.

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