Insurance Marketing Organization
How To Find The Best IMO

The insurance marketing organization you choose is a major factor in your success or failure.

Many times the IMO you choose is as important as your ability to get effective leads.

Discover a truly great organization and avoid the real turkeys.

The vast majority of companies require you to contract through an IMO.

But beyond contracting, all are definitely not equal. There are captive, independent and mixes of those two.

There are captives who do not allow their contracted agents to write business with any other company.

A captive program usually offers sales and product training along with free or subsidized lead programs.

Choosing the right insurance marketing organization is crucial to your success.

An independent marketing organization allows the producers who contract with them to write business through other agencies or company.

Many different levels of support are available.

What are some realistic expectations independents should have from an insurance IMO?

Let's start with the number one question on every agent's mind... what is my commission percentage?

Generally speaking, the less that has to done for an agent or agency, the higher that can be.

Some offer a starting percentage and also allow the opportunity for the agent or agency to get an increased percentage with certain levels of premium production.

So always ask your upline how you can get a higher contract percentage down the road with proven production.

If all it took to make a good living was a high commission contract, there would be less working a second job to make a living.

So, what are some other things the agent should realistically expect in the way of help from their insurance IMO?

Receiving product and sales training from your insurance IMO is important, especially for newcomers, but also for seasoned ones as well.

The top 60 pro golfers all make 7 figures and all use a golf coach to keep them at the top of their game.

Some will need help with underwriting difficult cases and may need help to get their written policies issued.

You may need some guidance putting together a case involving an unfamiliar product.

Most have decided to become independent to get a higher commission contract through a source that only offers contracts.

Independents believe that they can produce their own leads to generate prospects.

So an insurance IMO that is contracting independents generally does not offer any assistance with leads.

Still, the truth is this, what ever level of support an agent or agency needs in the beginning, that level of support will go down as the agent develops.

That is why it is important to have getting a higher commission contract available based on level of support used and premium production submitted through the insurance IMO.

It's also important to be able to recruit agents to your own down line, just in case that ever becomes something you want to do.

This page is designed to put agents looking for contracting and a  insurance marketing organization together.

We'll accomplish that by allowing recruiters to tell us all what they offer.

Each will share what companies they offer contracts with.

Plus any product and sales training, backroom, underwriting and policy issue support is available.

Is assistance available for building a down line for those interested in team building and any other method of adding value.

Then producers who have contracted with them will be able to comment on their experiences with that organization.

We'll do our best to make sure submissions are kept real and there's no axe grinding going on, or promising the moon either.

Everyone will win if we all keep it real.  Tell us about any insurance marketing organization you have experience with.

Do You Have an Insurance Marketing Organization You Want Agents to Know About?

Please share what your IMO has to offer agents. Use at least 400 words and keep it real please.

What Other Insurance Marketing Organizations Have Said

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