Insurance Postcards -
Simple and Effective Prospecting

Insurance postcards marketing can make you money and should be included in your lead generation plan.

There are many ideas used successfully for many years in every market.

Direct mail leads have been created for decades using many different formats.

The best produce results and should be used in every prospecting program.

There are single, double, tri-fold and over sized designs. 

Both single and double may be mailed at the postage rate for postcards.

Tri-folds and over sized are considered Standard which has a slightly higher postage rate.

Insurance postcards incorporate all three types mentioned above.

Singles are the type people send to friends and relatives while on vacation.  One side with a picture or script and the other is for the name of the recipient.

There is a pitch to convey, a call to action and a phone number for the prospect to contact.

Doubles have the top half is folded over the bottom half and tabs are placed at the bottom after folding to hold the piece together.

There are two sides visible to the prospect, their name on one and a sales pitch and information form on the other.

When the double mailer is opened, one side shows a more detailed sales script and call to action.

The other side the prospect sees when opening is the postage pre-paid Business Reply indicia.

All they have to do is to separate the card along a perforation, complete the simple form and drop that portion in the mailbox.

Tri-fold insurance postcards are folded so that neither the Business Reply indicia or the form the prospect needs to complete is visible before opening.

This increases the likelihood of the piece being opened which will really increase the amount of leads you receive.

Any method that increases the number of direct mail pieces actually being opened will dramatically increase the response rate.

The part of the mailer that will have the form and BR indicia is folded under the other two parts.

A tab holds the insurance postcards together until it is opened.

Tri-folds are required to be mailed as Standard rates which is only slightly higher than the postage for single or double.

Any piece larger than 4" X 6" is considered Standard by the U.S. Post Office and Standard Mail postage rates apply.

Everyone has received these over sized mail pieces.

They usually are very colorful and rely heavily on the visual impact of the design.

These oversize pieces rely on the ease of the recipient actually seeing the advertisement by simply looking at the mailer.

Even if the mailer is immediately thrown away, they saw at least part of the ad.

A simple "Thank You" card sent to every client after each visit, sale or once per year is a great method of cementing your relationship with your client base.

It let's them know that you appreciate them and every client who receives one will be impressed by your professionalism and caring.

Keep in touch each month with everyone on your prospect and client list by sending out monthly newsletters speaking briefly about one product or service.

Include a simple pre-paid Business Reply post card in the mail piece and encourage your clients to give you referrals.

If you do not ask for referrals, you will not get many referrals.

This is an easy method to use insurance postcards to increase your referral sales.

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