Insurance Prospecting Scripts,
Letters, Ideas and Techniques

These insurance prospecting scripts increase profits and separate the winners from the losers.

Successful methods put you in front of interested clients.

The yellow pages are full of agents.  They are all marketing essentially the same products for similar premiums.  They all have about equal commission percentage

The problem facing all of them is finding somebody to sell to.  What separates the winners from the losers is the ability to consistently generate interested consumers.

Use these proven life insurance prospecting ideas to put you in front of qualified and interested prospects.

The scripts you use to set appointments and the presentation scripts you use are key.

The one common factor among all successful agents is the success of their life insurance prospecting letters to find prospects.  An insurance lead is simply the result of that success.

Develop an ongoing marketing strategy to generate a steady flow of quality leads.

Appointments produce sales and that puts commissions in the agent's bank account.

Insurance prospecting letters have long been a reliable source of quality leads.

Mailers target a specific segment of the population that is most receptive to the product you are marketing.

Final expense, mortgage protection, annuity, medicare supplement, long term care and life sales have all been profitably produced via direct mail prospecting letters.

Door knocking is the oldest and cheapest form of finding interested prospects.

The major drawback to door knocking is that most agents don't like to do it.

Door to door canvassing is a very simple process and it produces results.

What would just one additional average policy a week do for your income?

Though the telemarketing world is changing it is still an effective method when you use the right prospecting scripts.

Many medigap agents are successful in their attempts to generate leads by using telemarketing.

They purchase a data list of names, addresses and phone numbers of people who are likely to have medicare supplements then just call those prospects.

They're using prospecting scripts asking a few questions that many senior citizens will gladly discuss. 

What company is your medicare supplement with?

Are you concerned about the premium increases you're experiencing?

Would you be willing to change medigap companies to get the exact same coverage for less monthly premium?

Other markets and products also benefit from a well thought out and professionally executed telemarketing program.

Mailers are a very simple and inexpensive.

Maintain a contact list of everyone in your list of family, friends and associates.

Simply mail each one on that list a one page letter each month.

Have the letter briefly mention one particular topic and a couple of methods of addressing the concerns surrounding that topic.

Keep the letter informative and make no selling efforts.

This is maybe the best and easiest sales attempt for your family and friends.

One simple little postcard sent as a Thank You to every client you sell to can generate highly productive referrals.

A simple postcard with a Thank You on it will go a long way in cementing your relationship with your clients

So many agents forget about their clients once they sell them.

Separate yourself from the crowd by over delivering on customer service and being grateful for their business.

This is actually the best method to generate referrals.

Include a couple of business reply post cards and ask your new or existing clients to pass them on to a friend who they think might be interested in your services and products.

Effective life insurance prospecting techniques are the life blood of every agent.

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