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Insurance sales leads on interested and qualified prospects increase sales and commissions

Finding consumers actively seeking coverage is the surest path to success.  How can a agent find a good company before they go broke buying low quality leads?

Here's what the lead companies have to say about their leads... and below are the comments on those same companies by your fellow sales agents.

Hear both sides of the story and you might find that golden nugget of a company that makes your sales soar and makes you money!

Buying leads can be a very expensive endeavor.

Discover how to find high quality interested leads and explode your sales.  Your marketing plan should increase sales faster than costs.

In fact, for many agents, that cost is their single largest expense.  We also want to help you avoid the costly mistakes other sales agents have made.

Are there cheap leads? There are, but the cheapest ones are the ones you generate yourself.

In the long run, the prospects with the lowest cost and highest quality, may come from your own website.

What would a never ending supply be worth to you?  Would an steady stream of qualified and prospects be worth $40 a month and a few hours of your time?

How much would your commissions increase if you could get 15 more qualified and interested consumers to call on each week?

Referrals are cheap and very high quality. Always ask for that referral from every client.

Our sincere hope and mission is that this web site helps you find a steady source of high quality insurance sales leads that send your sales and profits sky rocketing.

Our goal and mission is to offer value to agents across the country in obtaining the very best leads possible.

Please keep your reviews real, professional and objective.

Our agent community will be best served if your comments are honest.

It would help if you have sufficient experience with the lead company to be able to present a fair and objective review of your own experiences.

Please do not post any reviews on behalf of anyone else.  Be professional in your comments.Our goal should be to increase agent profits.

It would also be helpful if you have had some experience with other lead companies.  Then you would have some sense of what normal and customary practices exist in the industry.

Let us know how many many you've purchased.

Have they been profitable?

How was the customer service and are bad ones easily returned for credit?

Most importantly of all, would you recommend this company to your fellow agents?

Please contribute your own reviews of insurance sales leads; good, bad or ugly.

Had a Good, Bad or Ugly experience with insurance sales leads?

Found a golden nugget or choked on fool's gold? Share it with your fellow insurance agents!

What Other Visitors Have Said About Lead Companies

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Espanol Seguros or Spanish Insurance, LLC  
This is a new company focusing on Spanish Speaking Insurance Leads. If your company is looking to harness the ever growing Hispanic population, take …

Parasol Leads 
ParasolLeads provides exclusive insurance leads. The company generates leads through organic search traffic on the internet. ParasolLeads is rated …

ASAP Quotes 
Notes from Admin at We have received agent comments on ASAP Quotes and are providing the following information concerning …

Your Advantage Leads 
Your Advantage Leads is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer telemarketing insurance leads generated by telemarketers operating out …

InsureMe Not rated yet
InsureMe provides internet insurance leads to insurance agents seeking auto insurance leads, medicare supplement insurance leads, home insurance leads, …

Agent insider - Agentinsider Not rated yet
Agentinsider was formed in 2005 to provide online insurance leads to local insurance agents. Agentinsider is headquartered in Rancho Cordova, California. …

All Web Leads - Allwebleads Not rated yet
All Web Leads is headquartered in Austin, Texas. They offer home insurance leads, auto insurance leads, health insurance leads and life insurance leads. …

NetQuote Not rated yet
NetQuote has been in business since 1989. They are headquartered in Denver, Colorado. NetQuote is one of the oldest providers of internet insurance leads …

Send Out Cards Not rated yet
Send Out Cards is not really a lead company, but they are the absolute best system to use to help you get more referrals and to close prospects that are …

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