Insurance Sales Scripts -
What You Say Really Does Matter

These insurance sales scripts will increase your sales and profit. The words you use set the stage for every contact.  Discover how and what to say and warm the prospect for a one call close.  Here are the secrets that open doors closed to most agents.

What would it be worth to get one or two more appointments per week?  What would it be worth to close one or two more policies per week?  Our proven insurance sales scripts will do that.

Our scripts for selling life insurance will make you money.  Leads on qualified and interested prospects are hard to find.  Stop wasting your leads by not knowing how and what to say when you contact your prospects. 

Telephone Life Insurance Sales Scripts

Develop your life insurance phone script and delivery to increase the number of appointments you get from each batch of leads.

Learn what warms your prospects up to being receptive to invite you into their homes.  Focus on one thing only.  Keep your telephone scripts for insurance sales short.

Not everyone is going to answer your call.  Use brief but catchy voicemail scripts for insurance prospects and call them back until you reach them.

Say no more than is absolutely necessary to set an appointment.

Now, if you are in the business of selling over the telephone, you can make what ever adjustments to your scripts are needed to incorporate setting the appointment with the actual presentation on the same phone call.  But if you are like most agents who close setting across from the prospects in their homes, focus all your attention and efforts to just set the appointment.

There are some agents who try to qualify the prospect with their sales script.  This is a sure pathway to loosing some very nice commission deposits.

Your presentation scripts must gain the prospect's trust before they are going to buy from you.  Gaining trust is something that is best done sitting down with the prospect at their kitchen table.

Your sales script should focus on why the lead responded to the direct mail piece, or the internet website or the telemarketing scripts.

Why the prospect responded and created the lead that brought you to the prospect's home is key to making a sale or not.

People don't buy insurance, they're sold insurance.  Your sales scripts need to sell.  The reason for that is that almost all consumers make buying decisions based on emotion rather than logic.

This is a very simple thing to prove to yourself.  If consumers made purchasing decisions on logic, based on what they truly needed and could afford, they would protect their family from financial loss from unexpected death, disability, or critical illness... before they bought cable TV service or that smart phone.

Many consumers don't have any life coverage, disability protection or any retirement savings.  But a very large percentage of consumers have cable TV service, 40 inch TV's and smart phones.

Design your scripts to appeal to the emotion that triggered their response creating the lead you called and you will make the sale.

Once you have made the sale create cross selling scripts for insurance sales on different policies.

Design your scripts to appeal to that emotion and you will have a lucrative career.

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