Insurance Telemarketing Scripts

Find best insurance telemarketing scripts for appointment setting and telemarketing sales. 

Learn effective sales scripts for telephone or in home sales presentations.

The best sales scripts guide the prospect to focus on the emotion that triggered their response that generated the lead you are working.

Insurance telemarketing becomes much easier and much simpler when the agent gets the prospect to say out loud what happens to their family if there is a premature death or disabling injury or critical illness.

Effective insurance telemarketing scripts guide the prospect to think about the devastating financial impact on their family if no coverage is in place.

The best life insurance telemarketing script and presentation scripts ask a lot of questions.

Many successful and experienced career agents will tell you that selling is not talking, listening is. 

Your scripts should ask questions.

It is hard for anyone to listen while they are talking and you definitely need to listen to what your prospects are telling you.

The key to your insurance scripts then becomes to talk as little as necessary to get the prospect to talking about why coverage is important to them.

In effect, you get the prospect to sell themselves.  Effective scripts accomplish just that.

Good sales training will always teach that the closing a sale is much easier when the prospect is convinced his family can not financially survive without the product being considered.

Insurance scripts for telemarketing are used for three primary purposes; lead generation, appointment setting and selling.

Telemarketing lead generation is typically done by telemarketing companies using well thought out and tested insurance scripts.

Agents will mostly use the telephone for setting appointments.

The insurance telemarketing scripts used for appointment setting should be focused on just setting the appointment.

Selling should be left for the sales presentation scripts for in the home.

The scripts for the initial call to the prospect should say very quickly why you are calling.

This is one of the most successful insurance scripts for calling direct mail leads.

- Mr. Jones, my name is Frank Agent and the reason I'm calling is that you sent in a request for information on life insurance. 

- Do you remember sending in that request?

- Great, I'm the agent assigned to your case and it takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to explain your options.

- I have a 6:30 PM appointment open for tomorrow evening.  Will that work for you and your family?

Every thing the prospect  asks after you have finished the script above is answered this way... we'll answer that during the 10 or 15 minutes.  Is 6:30 PM okay for you?

Many inexperienced agents will believe that scripts can't be that simple. 

They would be wrong.

We've trained thousands of agents to set appointments from direct mail leads using this exact telemarketing appointment setting script.

The average time for the telephone call is less than 90 seconds.

The prospect remembers they sent the letter or card back in almost all cases.

They were expecting someone to call them and they now know that you have been assigned to their request.

Insurance telemarketing scripts like this one work very well in setting appointments that produce sales.

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