Internet Insurance Leads

Working internet insurance leads will increase your commissions.

Thousands of websites await searchers seeking quotes or other information. The most searched for lines include, life, health, auto and home.  They will eventually buy from someone and there is no reason why it should not be you. 

Unless, of course, you are not using internet insurance leads.   

How leads are created is important.  The techniques and strategies employed is what really determines quality.

You can create and design your own site that attracts prospects to ask for pricing or info.  This method is the nearest you can get to free online insurance sales leads.  Learn how to create a website to increase your local business.

Nearly all internet lead companies advertise on the major search engines.  Pay attention when you search for anything at the number of ads you see above and to the right of the pages returned pertaining to your search. 

If someone does click on an ad and then for what ever reason completes a request form for a free quote or info on some product, those online leads are sold to an agent somewhere.

Some sources providing a phone number to call offer live transfer leads.  Prospects select a button offering a free quote while surfing and complete an info form.  The caller is screened by various filters and essentially put on hold and routed to an agent's phone.

Real time leads allows you to contact a prospect while they are still searching for quotes or information.  How's that for hot?

Companies should allow you to specify the quantity received over a certain period such as day, week or month.  Providers will usually sell each lead to a number of agents though some may offer exclusive leads.

Being the first to contact the consumer helps you succeed.

Almost every vendor will use what are called affiliates.  These are websites that offer their visitors the opportunity to receive prices or information

Poor quality issues can occur in this method if any no cost benefits are offered if the visitor completes the form.  Affiliates are notorious for deceptive practices like offering some type of incentive.    There are tons of horror stories about how frustrated an agent can be when a good percentage of their leads completed the request due to being offered some type of inducement.

All companies also create their own web presence intended to attract prospects searching the internet looking for insurance.  People who are interested in a particular product will search looking for information before purchasing any product.  When they come across a web site that appeals to them you can rest assured that site will have some method for the prospect to inquire about a "free quote."

When the prospect completes and submits that form, internet insurance leads are created.

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