Life Insurance Lead Generation

Discover techniques life insurance lead generation companies use.

Selling is easier and much more profitable when you have a steady stream of qualified and interested prospects to work each week.

The key is to find multiple methods designed to deliver 15 - 20 high quality leads every week.

Most will soon discover that finding some one to sell to is a lot harder than actually selling to them.

So how can an agent acquire these high quality prospects who are interested in buying?

Direct mail, internet and telemarketing are the primary venues used by life insurance lead generation companies.

Insurance mailers have been a very successful generation method for many, many years by companies.

Telemarketing has been another common method for qualified and interested prospects.

The internet has rapidly become what may be the single most common source today by life insurance lead generation companies.

Two other methods have always been around, but many struggle with doing either one of them very well.

A client referral has always been the best and lowest cost around.

Most have not truly mastered this time honored and tested  technique.

One of the catches to referrals is getting clients to start with.

And how many today really look forward to practicing the successful art of cold calling prospects?

Cold calling, or door knocking as the old timers would call it, has always produced sales.

The truth is that cold calling is the same thing as sending out 1,000 pieces of direct mail.

The only major difference is that one costs the agent time and the other costs the agent money.

Years of experience have taught that the vast majority of new agents, and even many experienced agents, have a lot of time and not much money.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with direct mail, and there is nothing wrong with door knocking a filtered list of prospects either.

They have and probably will continue to produce millions upon millions of premium sales.

Certain marketing niches like final expense rely almost exclusively on direct mail.

In fact, it may very well still be the most used generation technique.

You can target a very specific market niche and that is always a very lucrative marketing strategy.

Many agents rely heavily or even entirely on the internet.

An agent can hire out each of these prospecting methods or they can tackle the job themselves.

The trick is getting 15 -20 qualified and interested consumers every week.

Learn how to apply multiple methods to be successful.

How they are generated and who does the generating is not as important as getting them.  What is important is that you actually have life insurance lead generation ideas in place.

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