Get Life Insurance Leads
Generated on Interested Prospects

Our life insurance leads separate the successful agent from the multitude that fail.  Careers can be very lucrative for producers who actually have prospects to call on.  The phone books are full of agents that are all selling essentially the same products for about the same premiums. 

The thing that separates the winners from the losers is that the winners have life insurance leads to sell to.  Discover how to find interested leads and then selling gets much easier.   Twenty or so really good life insurance leads every week are all you need to live very comfortably. 

Finding who are truly interested is something every marketing campaign is seeking to know.  Successful agent work qualified leads

The best life leads come from interested consumers. 

How many wake up any morning and say "I am going to get a policy today"? 

This is the stumbling block for agents around the country. 

People plan on buying food every day, plan their vacations and dinners out.  Some plan hair cuts or have teeth cleaned.  Very few wake up planning to buy insurance.

You need life insurance leads to call on.

Getting enough quality life insurance leads is the key to being profitable.

Study after study has shown that only about 50% of adults have any life insurance.  Of the people who do, 70% of them don't have enough to protect their families.  If people don't think about it, how is it that any is ever sold?   Applying the answer to this question is the key behind a successful career working insurance leads.

The answer is that in some way or another, something triggered that person who never thinks about coverage to think about that very thing.

Some special event that happens every day throughout the world triggered a person's mind to think about what would happen to their family upon their untimely death.  It might be the death of a brother who had no protection and his wife and kids are now left with no way to pay the mortgage and pay the bills.

It might be a wedding and the sudden desire to provide for your spouse in the event of your death.  These thoughts are what generate the best life leads.  Maybe a child is born and all of a sudden, there is more responsibility put on the parents to care for the child.  Mailers sent to such parents make you money.

Divorce happens to more than half of all married couples and that changes the responsibilities for child care for the divorced parents.  All of a sudden some "life event" has triggered the need to at least investigate getting or increasing the amount of your existing coverage.  Capitalize on these events and target that demographic.  These leads have pre-sold themselves.

Find enough life insurance sales leads

Explore successful lead strategies and prospecting ideas designed to increase life sales and profits  You will face tons of competition.   Separate yourself from the crowd of others by mastering the techniques that produce a steady flow of prospects.  Having someone to sell to is the key to making money selling insurance.  Make no mistake about it. There will be a ton of competition for every life premium dollar out there.

Learn how to use tested techniques and you'll leave the competition behind.  Incorporating several different methods will produce the best results.  There are really just two ways to get leads.  You can buy them or generate them yourself.

Buying them may be the easiest method of acquiring a steady flow, but it is certainly not the least expensive or cheapest source.  Generating your own is the least expensive and cheapest method, but requires more effort and time on the agent's part.

There are many companies supplying three primary types.  Common types are direct mail, telemarketing and internet.  The most common line of insurance leads are term insurance leads.  Each of these have many different companies selling them.  Most will try different types from several different companies before finally finding productive leads.  Senior insurance leads are especially productive.

Whole life leads can add thousands of commission dollars to any agent.

Track the performance of the different lead types and sources by comparing their cost per dollar of insurance premium sold.  Do this by dividing the total cost of leads by the total annual premiums sold.  This will give you their cost per premium dollar which is the truest way to evaluate leads.  Remember, you're not out to get the lowest per lead cost, but rather the highest premium sales per dollar spent.

Mastering techniques to generate your own life insurance sales leads is going to be your best plan. 

A little extra time is something that almost every life agent has and using that time for prospecting is the most profitable.  Instead of hanging out at the local coffee shop or restaurant, spend the time more productively engaged in some form of prospecting.

There are many free or low cost methods of marketing.  First, producers can keep all the life leads they ever reached or sold in a file box of some sort.  When you are in a certain neighborhood, cold call or door knock any leads you have not been able to contact.  This is one of the least expensive marketing techniques.

Referrals are the single best tip, but you are not going to get them until you ask for them.

Compile a list of prospects by keeping an Excel file of names, addresses and phone numbers you acquire along the way.  Send out a simple one page marketing letter each month to your prospects focused on one insurance product that solves a particular problem.

Incorporating all these marketing strategies will help agents find life insurance leads to sell to.

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