Long Term Care Insurance Leads -
Target Affluent Consumers

Long term care insurance leads can produce profits and bring affluent prospects to your client base.

The increased incidence and awareness of the devastating affects of Alzheimer's disease on the lives and finances of thousands of Americans has brought attention to the need for coverage.

The expense of extended stay facilities is sometimes too much for many families to be able to pay.

The life savings have been wiped out providing for a relative.  Every person knows a family that has encountered this tragedy.

Trigger emotions for estate preservation to generate the best long term care leads.

LTC leads target an affluent sector of the market place.

Prospects need sufficient disposable income to afford the montly premiums.

Focus on prospects who have an estate large enough to protect from losses due to the high cost of nursing homes should that need arise.

Offer to protect the life savings of families from being wiped out paying nursing homes.

The internet is a growing source.  Many baby boomers are internet savvy and search online for information before making any purchasing decisions.

There are not many people today who do not personally know a family devastated by Alzheimer's disease.

Many people are keenly aware of the emotional devastation that accompanies watching your loved one slowly become non functional.

There are also great financial burdens that must be met.

And many people have witnessed the financial devastation of friends and relatives when no coverage was in place.  There are critical illness policies that can be sold utilizing Alzheimer's insurance leads offering benefits when diagnosed with advanced stages.

These experiences drive emotions you can sell to.

People search online for answers about providing extended stay facilities seeking help and solutions.

Their search will often result in an online lead being produced as a result of their completing a form or request for quote on some website.

Direct mail produces results.

Direct mail marketing can target the precise household incomes and net worth parameters most likely to respond.

You can also mention other products like 401K rollovers, estate planning and retirement planning mailers.

Most advertisements in local newspapers produce very dismal results.  The method that does produce results is a drip marketing plan that places small banner type ads in your local newspaper with very short and simple marketing messages.

Contract with your local paper for a certain amount of annual advertisement in exchange for lower per ad costs.

Small one column ads around 2 inches in height that mention "Need Help with Your 401K Rollover?" and list the name, address and phone number of the agent or agency.

Follow this with another ad asking if they need Help With Affordable LTC, listing name, address and phone number.  This technique will work.

There are several profitable generation methods for long term care insurance leads. Use a mix of them for best quality and quantity.


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