Medicare Advantage Leads -
More and More Prospects Added Every Day

Medicare Advantage leads generate high profits. 

The number of prospects is growing each year with the aging of the baby boomers.

Working this demographic absolutely should be a part your marketing program.

Each year a growing number of people are becoming eligible for participation.  Sales to this segment are increasing due to this increase in eligible consumers.

These consumers are already interested and generate great medicare advantage leads.

There is no need for the agent to create a "need" for their products.

The agent just has to inject themselves into the process of deciding if it makes sense for them and their family and just what agent are they going to use to enroll.

You need to insert yourself into the buying process of the already interested prospect.

Any generation campaign needs to include these prospects and a major effort should also be placed on generating referrals from new clients.

There's no question that the turning 65 market place is a highly competitive one. Direct mail marketing campaigns start to target them as soon as 6 months before their 65th birthday.

Though hotly competed for, the turning 65 market place is still profitable and should be used.

Much attention is paid to people just turning 65 and coming into the program for the first time.

Properly using leads can greatly increase your client base.

Special care should be taken to accumulate as much information as possible from every encounter with a prospect. This information can be very valuable for future sales efforts.

You should build a data list of every person you encounter. Record the company they have the policy with.

Initial sales can open doors to additional sales.  Do not leave this opportunity untapped to reach this burgeoning population.

Be the first to get to those prospects, and you can make the easiest commission you have ever made.

Medicare advantage leads can also be a pathway to additional insurance product sales to your existing clients.

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