Medicare Insurance Leads -
Target the Lucrative Senior Market

Medicare insurance leads are easy to work and very profitable.

Direct mail marketing campaigns easily reach this market.  The internet is rapidly becoming a prominent and valuable source.

The number of people reaching age 65 is increasing every year. T65 leads are increasing in importance as well.

A high percentage of these consumers will be on tight fixed incomes.

Recent changes in the health care laws will require even tighter control of their budgets.

Make sure you position yourself to capitalize on this profitable demographic.

Medicare insurance leads are uniquely suited for this purpose.

One great benefit in mastering this market is that it increases in size every day.

Increasing numbers of baby boomers are reaching the age of 65 every day.

This will continue for years.

Medicare supplement leads target the affluent segments of baby boomers. 

You will receive immediate commissions and renewal commissions for years to come.

Medicare Advantage leads target a separate niche.  There are legal restrictions to how they are generated and how they are worked.   Agents should know these restrictions and, of course, follow them.

Direct mail programs targeting consumers about to turn 65 years old generate qualified and interested medicare leads.

Consider creating combo mailers that target both medigap and final expense prospects.

There may not actually be much overlap in sales potential within these two groups, but there is certainly enough to warrant the effort.

There is little down side to this method.

These mailers get in front of boomers when making the final decisions concerning medicare.

Mailers are effective methods of generating medicare leads.  There are perhaps more generated with this particular method than any other.

Separate yourself from the crowd by over delivering on service.

Take on the attitude of a teacher and be patient.  Keep their interests above your own.  This will help you to gain their trust and respect.

Higher numbers of baby boomers are becoming 65 each year now.  This is a trend that will continue for years to come.

It would be wise to gain a foothold by searching out ways to sell them other insurance products before reaching 65.

It is much easier to make a second sale to a client than to make the first sale to a prospect.

A Medicare insurance lead targets this group.

That increase in qualified consumers attracts agents eager to gather clients.

Working turning 65 leads is challenging for two reasons.

Many are investigating more before making any final decision.

Many seniors are turning more and more to the internet to gather information about all products.  As a result online medicare insurance leads are taking on more significance.

You will encounter many medicare insurance leads who have already been influenced about a particular plan.

A high percentage might have been persuaded and lean toward a specific company. Even though all offer the exact same products.

Prospects purchasing coverage are very likely to purchase additional products related to seniors.

Use Medicare Insurance Leads to Replace High Premium Policies

Seek clients among seniors who have had a policy for a couple of years.

The reasoning behind this is to find people who are facing significant premium increases.  Many companies routinely raise their premiums.

Seniors are very cost conscious and coverage is identical within each plan type no matter which company they use.

Premium cost is essentially the only deciding factor on which company they buy from.

Agents will find significantly less competition from other agents working this group as well.

Keep an Excel file on each person you encounter that has a policy.

Record their birth date, plan and company.

When you notice rate increases from companies, contact your list with those companies.

Offer them lower premiums on the same plans they have from the companies you represent.

Prospects generated from this list will be very effective and cost nothing.

It goes without saying, of course, never discard any data on any consumer.  Gather all the pertinent data you can each time you speak to them.

The majority of people will answer your questions if you are professional, polite and courteous.

Knowledge of every detail about the consumers you are selling to is vital.  Do not treat this valuable commodity carelessly.

Medicare insurance leads could very well be the absolute best way to reach affluent seniors.

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