Medicare Supplement Leads Generation

Medicare supplement leads increase insurance sales and profits.

They are simple and easy to buy, generate and use.

Learn from the experience of hundreds of successful agents.

Learn from their mistakes and profit from their proven methods of generating and working prospects.

There are two primary methods to make money selling this product.

There are those seniors just turning 65 years old and going on a medigap policy for the first time.

The T65 target market has significant competition.

Targeting those seniors ages 67 and up who are likely to already have coverage is the second marketing method for using supplement leads .

You would offer these consumers the opportunity to see if there was a way to keep their identical coverage but lower premiums.

The higher overall profit would come from incorporating both methods into your insurance marketing campaign.

There are multiple methods of generation.

Direct mail is the most commonly used, followed by telemarketing and the internet.

The components of your marketing campaign is composed of three elements, the prospect list, the content of the message and the creativity of the delivery vehicle (direct mail piece, telemarketing script or website message).

The demographics of the list should focus on age and income levels.

The age for those just turning 65 should include ages 64 years and 6 months old to age 65.

The age for the replacement market should be 67 to 80.

The reason you would want to include ages above 67 is to allow time for the medsup they have already purchased to have one or more premium increases.

These increases create a pre-sold or pre-disposed frame of mind and your target market will be receptive to ways to save money.

You will find more difficulty in the older group's ability to medically qualify, but the commissions are higher to offset this issue.

The income levels you should target are household incomes of $20,000 and up.

You will experience a lower closing ratio with incomes between $20,000 and $30,000 but you will also find additional sales in this income segment.

These add on opportunities include final expense, hospital indemnity, nursing home, home care and single premium whole life.

These are also possible in the higher income households.

Single Premium sales are especially rewarding.

Medicare supplement leads can be a cost effective way to add clients and increase your profitability.

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