Mortgage Insurance Leads

Mortgage insurance leads can quickly increase your commissions and add significant profits to your bottom line.

The reason these are so profitable is that they specifically target one of the major events in people's lives that trigger a perceived need for insurance.

The vast majority of sales from mortgage protection leads are closed on the first appointment.

Learn the best appointment setting scripts.

Discover what to say during the presentation to close the deal.

Use mortgage insurance leads to earn even more significant commissions.

Mortgage protection leads target a lucrative niche market.

Getting a new home mortgage, a home equity loan, or refinancing an existing home mortgage naturally brings to your prospect's mind the need for coverage.

The vast majority of people never think about insurance any day of their lives.

This creates a problem for agents because they will have to create the "need" make the sale.

You do not have to create a need when working mortgage life insurance leads. 

These term life leads come from prospects who already interested in coverage.

The major "life event" of a home loan creates or brings to mind the "need" for insurance.

The prospect is pre-sold.  This is the secret to why working mortgage life leads is so profitable.

You only have to present an opportunity for them to easily acquire what she now perceives she needs.

Are mortgage protection sales still profitable?

You'll quickly discover that for those prospects who respond to the agent's marketing piece will purchase the coverage if it fits their budget.

Understand this secret ... the vast majority of leads will come from people who generally never think about the importance of coverage.

This means they don't "have an agent" they would seek out to get what their family needs.

Another reason for the increased desire to respond is that they somehow perceive that this is not life insurance.

Contact Mortgage Insurance Leads Quickly

Here's another fact you should know about mortgage protection leads.  Everyone who signs a loan is going to get many letters letting them know they now qualify for coverage.

If they have gone to the internet to get information or quotes on, you can be sure they've been to more than one site.

"The early bird gets the worm" when it comes to working mortgage protection leads.

You are not going to be the only one who makes contact with them.  Usually the first person on the scene after the loan closes will get their business.

Being the first few who do is going to provide a much needed edge.

The savvy agent working these leads would benefit by focusing on those blue collar workers who can still qualify.

These blue collar people who respond to the leads letters typically do not have "an agent" they call on.

Concentrate your efforts on the mortgages $150,000 and below if you're selling non-med term products for loan protection.

Get yourself a competitively priced simplified issue whole life policy to sell to those with health challenges.  Don't neglect those between $25,000 and $50,000.  Many times these are home improvement loans and can open the door to additional sales.

Often times that range will be on people over 60 who need a home equity loan or 2nd mortgage to cover some family medical situation.

That is a high closing segment of the market place.

An add-on sale potential exists in this market for income protection or disability protection.  Consumers need protection against financial hardship from a disability due to sickness or injury.

Getting your marketing letter to them as soon as possible after they've signed the mortgage and contacting those mortgage life insurance leads as soon as you get their request is vital to your profitability.

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