Qualified Life Insurance Leads

Find qualified life insurance leads from best companies.   Discover sources that will provide you a consistent flow of interested prospects.   Learn effective generation techniques and tips.  What separates the winners from the masses is their ability to find people to sell to.

Use these proven marketing techniques and sales tips that successful agents have discovered.

The number one key to your success is finding out how to get qualified life insurance leads.

qualified life insurance leads

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The most common categories for qualification on are health condition, income and age.  There are certain knock out health questions that can prevent consumers from being able to obtain coverage.  Prospects who pass these filters are prequalified.

There are two schools of thought on when to ask qualifying questions during the sales process.

One line of thought is to ask during  the generation process.  This would involve asking health condition, income and age on the marketing piece or website.  Producers can still call on those responses but they may want to guide the client into a product they are able to get.

The second school of thought is to pose no qualifying questions at all during the generation process.  This increases the number of responses.  Lead companies might favor this approach since it will create more to sell.

Some like to qualify prospects on the telephone when setting an appointment.  They're trying to eliminate what they believe will be making presentations to prospects that will not be able to obtain coverage.

This system works best when the producer has a large number of leads to work.

Other producers simply want to book an appointment and during the presentation quickly discover what products fit their eligibility.  The appointment setting scripts are very simple, very short and designed only to book the presentation.  Once inside the home, the agents starts the sales process by asking questions designed to find out what coverage fits.  Contract with multiple companies that offer coverage with a wide range of health conditions.

Those agents who seek to get in front of as many leads as possible are usually better salesmen.  Even a hint of interest is all these agents need to make a sale.

There are successful agents in both schools of thought.  Find the way that fits you best and polish that sales technique until it simply becomes second nature to you.

Qualified life insurance leads are your best investment.

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