Renters Insurance Leads
Are Easy Sales And Lead to Add-on Sales

Renters insurance leads increase commissions.  Compare best sources before you buy.

More people are opting to rent instead of purchasing a home.  This transition is increasing the opportunity for you to tap this under served market.

There will be less competition for you in this demographic than other you target.

The internet is especially good for generating interested prospects. 

Don't forget to include small business owners.  Most of them will not own their store or shop.

A great way to get your foot in their door is renters insurance leads.

Working renters leads is about as simple as it gets. 

Point out how much they stand to lose if they suffer damage from fire, smoke, water, wind or theft.

Then let them know how little it costs to remove that risk.

Many of your prospects will be amazed at how low the premiums are.

These simple approaches will make you money and open the door to additional product sales. 

They'll come sooner or later when along comes a life event like marriage, child birth or buying a home.

The best way to obtain renters leads is to buy from online lead companies.  There are tons of them out there but don't all produce the quality or quantity you may need.

The way around this is to buy from a few different sources a little at a time until you find both the quality and quantity you need.

A less expensive way to get these insurance leads is to cold call on small businesses.  Your script should start with asking them if they are covered in case of a property loss or if an employee, customer or vendor gets hurt in their office or shop.

Many owners will not have any coverage.  Now you have your foot in the door.  The rest is up to you.

You can spend a few hours each week canvassing apartment complexes with door hangers or just knocking on doors.

You will not get if you don't ask.

Use any or all of these generation techniques to get in front of interested prospects using renters insurance leads.

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