Send Out Cards

by Steve Baker
(Nashville, TN)

Send Out Cards is not really a lead company, but they are the absolute best system to use to help you get more referrals and to close prospects that are on the fence.

I think we all know that followup is king in the insurance business (really in any business). I have been in the business for 12 years and have tried many different marketing programs to try to followup and get referrals from clients and prospects.

I've used contact management programs, sent notes, hand written thank you cards, letters, asking for referrals at the time of sale, and many others.

I have spent thousands of dollars a month on lead programs with varying degrees of success.

But I can honestly tell you that nothing even came close to the results I got when I started using Send Out Cards two years ago.

For less than $5 per year, I send 8 cards to ALL my clients: a thank you card when I first write a new policy, on their birthday, policy anniversary, various holidays, and once a year I send a card asking for referrals.

All the rest are just feel good cards, letting them know that I am thinking about them and appreciate them.

From the beginning, I would also send a campaign out to prospects as soon as I got the lead, and continue even if they didn't buy from me right away.

More times than not, they would call me back and thank me for the cards and say they were ready to buy from me.

SOC allows you to set up campaigns that send the cards out at the appropriate times just like clockwork.

I only have to enter them once and the rest is automated. SOC allows me to create a font that is my own handwriting, so when they read the cards, the message looks like I sat down and wrote each one by hand.

They put a real stamp on every card and postcard - they don't use bulk mail. The results are better than ANYTHING I have ever used.

I started tracking the results and my business has increased 34% the first year and 42% the second year.

I am in my third year now. I get so many repeat customers and referrals that I no longer have to buy leads.

Because I believe so strongly in SOC, I decided to become a distributor.

I have setup a website specifically for insurance professionals with a bunch of bonuses and offer my proven campaigns to anyone that signs up as a marketing distributor under me.

Visit My Unlimited Referrals

Visit for all the details.

Join me and see your business soar!

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