T R King Insurance Marketing

by Todd R. King
(Roanoke, VA)

Todd began his insurance career in 1998. Todd worked as a captive agent selling insurance products to the senior market.

Todd was very successful and came to really enjoy working with seniors. He mastered the art of selling to that demographic and realized that was the market for him.

Todd moved to Roanoke, Virginia and began work with a small agency there.

Todd envisioned a much larger role for himself in the insurance industry.

In 2007 Todd formed T R King Insurance Marketing.

Since then, T R King Insurance Marketing has recruited, trained and mentored agents and agencies in almost every state in the country.

T R King Insurance Marketing represents the top companies in the insurance industry. They have established relationships with training organizations offering training to their agent force.

Agents of all experience levels have access to quality sales training and product training and at the same time receive some of the highest commission contracts in the industry.

T R King believes that independent insurance agents deserve a much higher commission contract than most IMO's will offer in addition to quality training.

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Great guy, great website
by: Major Lori R

I like going on Todd's website especially for Final Expense quotes. I am fortunate to live in the same town as Todd. So I met his very proactive, helpful, honest and very nice TEAM. Thank you for making my life easy.

T R King Insurance Marketing...GREAT GUY


Todd is the King
by: Hurst Kopp

I have worked with Todd on various projects in the insurance business over the past four years. He is truly one of a kind. Not only does he have complete integrity and professional ethics, but also, he absolutely goes the extra mile, and is just an all around professional. He is reachable, accessible, trustworthy, and always...ALWAYS does what is right. I give him the highest recommendation available, which is 5 stars, but he really deserves more.

Insurance Agent
by: Gene Kent

Todd, believes in doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Todd is a person you trust.

Great IMO!
by: Matt C.

Todd king is the man!! I contacted Todd before I was licensed and he walked me through the process. When it came time to contract with various companies, he was extremely helpful with that also. He answers his phone and email at all hours and has always answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial. Todd has taken his time to help me and has always been upfront and honest in our dealings. A terrific guy who I would not hesitate to recommend to anybody.

by: Peter Paonessa

I've known Todd for 1 year. Over 30 years in
the Insurance business Todd has many admirable
qualities I've rarely seen among Insurance marketers. Some of his admirable qualities are is that he dedicated, knowledgeable about products, personable,and trustworthy. I have a high regard and respect for this man. I wish him
all the success in the world.

He's the Greatest
by: Dorthea

Todd King, is the my friend and he is also a devoted, loyal, and honest FMO. Those are few and far between in this business. He goes the extra mile for all of his agents. I am proud to have found Todd.

Great upline! more then fair Contracts
by: Mike W.

Mr. Todd King has been fantastic to work with. I haven't written much business with him because I deal in different lines but for the little amount I have he has certainly went the extra mile multiple times for me. Even so much as me calling him at 9pm his time because I get so caught up in what I'm doing I don't even realize how late it is for him (I'm west coast) he answers every time and does what ever he can to help. (I'm sure he doesn't want that broadcasted though!) ha.

Todd's such a stand up guy he's gone out of his way to help me with issues I've had that he had absolutely no financial incentive to help me with, just because I needed a hand and he knew he could help.

Mr.Todd King is where it's at!

One savy IMO
by: Mike Lawson

Ive just been working with Todd King for a few months now and find him to be the real deal.He doesn't put on airs or blow smoke. Straight shooter that always calls you back eager to be of assistance with what ever problem you have. Proud to have him as my go to guy for Insurance companies, products and lead generation. Thanks brother for all you do!

Todd is One of a Kind
by: Mike S.

I always have confidence in what Todd tells me. He has taken much of his own valuable time to help and guide me in a new independent insurance world.

Yes, he offers excellent contracts but above that he offers his time and sincere willingness to help.

Thanks, Todd. Continue to do the work you as it is greatly appreciated.

The Absolute Best!
by: Shelley G.

I am so Happy I found out about Todd.R. King on the insurance forum.com. I was with an IMO that was unethical and unprofessional. They would contract at 50% with no renewals for final expense. Another IMO offered me 65% but after the fact I found out it was a multilevel marketing company selling insurance. Wow what a mistake.

I read the comments on the insurance forum found Todd and will go nowhere else. He is the utmost professional, knowledgeable and such a nice guy. He will not mislead you or rip you off. His contracts are at the very best commission rate. He just wants to help and has lots of patience.

I would recommend him to anyone. He is the very best.

Todd King is the MAN
by: Benefits for Seniors

If you want straight talk from your IMO call Todd. Answers calls and emails back. You won't get that from 95% of the other guys.

Thumbs up all the way referral with confidence.

Jeffrey Knepper
Agency Owner
Benefits for Seniors Inc.
210 N Kirkman Rd
Orlando, Fl 32811

Todd's the go-to guy
by: Rick Bronstein

I've known Todd for several years and am constantly impressed with his knowledge of the ever changing insurance market.

He does offer the highest contract levels around but more importantly is never too busy to help others. And I mean help others regardless of where there contracts might reside.

I certainly and without hesitation recommend Todd King.


Great Place To Call Home
by: D&A Financial Services, Inc

My organization and I joined Todd a little over a year ago. I have been in this Industry for 24 years and have been just overwhelmed with the loyalty and support that we have been given by Todd. I am glad to say that I searched for quite a while to find an IMO that was really true to their word, and I can finally say that we have found a home here.

Exactly what you want...and more!
by: Nathan Tinsley

There are 2 main things an independent agent looks for in an IMO:
1)Top contracts
2)Support when needed

Todd goes beyond that. He offers street level contracts at a minimum. Most of the contracting he offers is a fair amount above street level. Every agent contracted through Todd has his cell phone number. It can help if you are in a house, looking to close a sale, a question comes up...what to do?!!??!
We all know we can call Todd up any time, day or night. He doesn't mind the dumb questions (trust me, I've probably asked plenty of them). He will do what it takes to help his agents make the sale.

I, truly, cannot offer a higher recommendation.
Thanks for everything, Todd!!!

The Best Contracts and Agent Support
by: Ben E.

I was referred to Todd from a friend in the business. I gave him a call one day some time back and immediately knew we had a connection. He stood for the same principals I believe in and his motto is "do the right thing because it is simply the right thing to do". This is something I can relate to and it is something Todd practices from my dealings with him.

Todd has always been there for me when I have questions on just about anything from filling out an app to which product I should choose for certain cases. In fact, he actually helped close one of my sales on the telephone when we were states away from each other with me being in Florida. I now consider Todd more than just someone who gave me great contracts and support but also a friend and hope to one day meet him in person. I simply can't say enough good things about Todd and his company along with what he offers to his agents.

If you are looking for one of the best to get hooked up with and contracted in the insurance business, look no further. Thanks Todd for everything you have done for me and continue to do. With your help I know I can make it to the top and reach my goals. Thanks!

Great support and very responsive
by: J.H.

Great contract and great support from a guy who has actually sold the products just like you. You can't ask for better support through contracts and leads. I would recommend Todd to anyone.

Great support and very responsive
by: Jimmy

Todd is great to work with. It isn't very often that you get to deal with an IMO or marketer that has actually been in your shoes and worked in this industry. He knows what products we need to have in our bag in order to be successful and offers great contracts and lead support in order to help independent agents succeed in the senior market. I appreciate someone who truly cares about doing what is right and not always what makes them the highest commission.

Todd is one of the....
by: Matt McCray

Todd is one of the good guys left in this business, he is always up front and honest! Thanks!

High Contracts and Great Support
by: Don R.

There's no other word than "Great" to describe how I've been treated by Todd King.

Todd showed me how I could get commission contracts that were way higher than what I had.

Todd helped me get my written policies issued if I had any problems with underwriting too.

I was with a marketing organization that kept its agents in the dark as far as what was actually available for agents in terms of commission levels that were available, especially if you were writing business on a weekly basis.

I had been with a national marketing company that offered me leads at a reduced price, but the commission contract they gave me was in the 65% - 70% range.

My lead costs were eating all my commissions up.

To top all of that off, my old marketing organization frowned on me even asking about other insurance companies and their products.

If I run across a prospect that is looking for something I don't know about or a product with a certain company that I don't have a contract with, Todd is right there to help me get what I need to get that business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Todd King for all your company appointments and ongoing support.

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