Telemarketing Insurance Leads
They Just Keep On Working

Telemarketing insurance leads have long been a reliable source of qualified and interested prospects.

Understanding the inside scoop on how they're created and sold will help you avoid costly mistakes.

The scripts used should be designed to filter out truly not interested prospects.

Telemarketers are sales people and getting the sale for them is to get the person on the phone to agree to having you contact them.

What is said on the telephone is the key to creating quality prospects.

Generation techniques have evolved over the past several years.

The reason is that the vast majority of people have put their numbers on the do not call list.

Most consumers are off limits to telemarketing insurance leads.

How are insurance telemarketing leads created?

The most common method of getting around those existing restrictions is for the telemarketers to dial businesses instead of homes.

The person who answers a business phone will be an employee.

And that tells you they are making money and can likely afford the coverage you're trying to sell them.

Getting who ever answers interested can become an opportunity to sell just that individual.

They could also become a door opener to the owner of the business as well.

What questions do the telemarketing call centers ask?

If the person is open to hearing about insurance products, the telemarketer will ask some basic demographic questions such as age, marital status, children, what type do they have.

Most of these questions will be used as filters to determine which agents will eventually receive the particular telemarketed leads.

Also the questions provide some basic info on the prospects to the agent who will eventually contact the telemarketing insurance leads.

Telemarketers are sales people.

Very quickly during the call, usually within the first minute, the telemarketer makes the sales pitch.

If the person has no coverage the pitch is to show the prospect the benefits of at least hearing about options and pricing.

If the leads have some coverage, the sales pitch becomes the advantages and benefits for them to at least hear price comparisons and alternative or additional coverage options.

At this point, the telemarketing scripts should get agreement to speak with you to discuss these potential advantages and benefits.

The prospect's agreement to speak with you should be quickly verified by a verification supervisor at the telemarketing companies.

Once this double verification has been made, the phone call then becomes one of many telemarketing leads generated across the country every day.

The prospect can agree to speak immediately and be transferred to a waiting agent.

These types of transfers are called live transfer leads.

The prospect can also agree to have someone contact them at a different time.

This lead would then be emailed or sent in some way to an agent.

These are commonly called telemarketing insurance leads.

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