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Find the best term life insurance leads on qualified and interested prospects.  A consistent flow is key to making money.  There are many lead companies but not all of them create the same quality you need to make money.  You need to know what makes one company better than another before you buy from any of them.  Several factors need to be addressed.  The first is how they are created.  Find out how to acquire and use term life insurance leads

By far the simplest method is buying them.  There are many companies generating internet, telemarketing and direct mail leads.

The internet has become the primary source.  They are sold as shared or exclusive.  Shared leads are sold to several different producers and generally cost less than exclusive leads sold only to one.

You should use lead filters for time and date ranges when you're available to make contact.  Many agents will learn how to work online leads and make buying exclusive leads worth the money.
Track the performance of marketing efforts by calculating lead cost per dollar of premium sales to analyze whether you should spend the extra dollars for exclusivity.  Divide the total dollars spent by the total annual premium sold to determine the lead cost of each dollar of annual premium sales.

Direct mail mortgage protection mailings are a good source for term life leads.  Mortgage protection sales are simple to make as long as the agent can get a steady stream of interested leads.  Appointment setting is simple when the life insurance prospect remembers returning the direct mail marketing piece.  Use an effective appointment setting script to make the appointment.  Closing mortgage protection is typically a one call sale and if a sale is going to be made, it will almost always be a one call close.

Telemarketing services also produce many leads.  The telemarketing script used determines the quality of the lead generated.  Telemarketers are sales people and they are trained to close term prospects to accept a contact or an appointment with an agent.  Appointment setting scripts should ensure the leads know that an agent will be contacting them.

The prospect should also know that the reason the agent is going to contact them is to see if there is an product that will fit their budget.  Any sales script that offers an incentive of any kind or any free service or benefit is going to produce inferior quality leads and should be avoided.  Avoid any that were produced by offering an incentive.

One last point to get the most from your lead dollars is to make sure you never throw any away.  There are many reasons prospect may not have purchased during your initial sales call.  Term life insurance leads are easy to acquire and are simple sales.

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