Turning 65 Leads -
Jump Right In The Feeding Frenzy

Turning 65 leads are profitable medicare supplement leads.

That sage advice from the old grey haired agent to find your prospects where there aren't any other agents around is still quite true today.

The question is, where exactly is the place where there are no other agents?

It is a lot easier to sell medigap coverage to someone who is actually looking for it than to someone who is not.

This is another factor leading to the high competition for turning 65 leads.

Not having to prove insurability just feeds the frenzy.

The vehicle of choice for generating is direct mail.

Mail houses or agents purchase mailing lists for people turning sixty five years of age.

The targeted age typically ranges from 64 years and 6 months old to 64 years and 4 months old.

Companies differ on how long before the client turns sixty five that the client can be pre-approved.

You will not only encounter stiff competition from agents, but will have to battle the consumers as well.

Most seniors will have been talking about and investigating options for several months before reaching sixty five.

Any experienced agent will tell you that it is very difficult to correct any misunderstandings consumers have.

Bottom line - most seniors are convinced they know supplements top to bottom.

Working these leads will require patience and perseverance.

If they think plan X is better by far than Y or Z... any explanation of how that particular plan may not be best for them considering the client's personal health and financial situation will be met with strong resistance.

So the agent working T65 leads will encounter stiff resistance in many cases from both his competitors and his prospects as well.

One alternative method of obtaining supplement prospects could be to target people in their early 60's with some other insurance product.

Then after they're an existing client and you have established their trust you will be ideally situated to enroll them when that time comes.

Another method of obtaining medigap prospects is to focus on consumers with ages 67 and up to what ever age you find reasonable.

Don't be afraid to target older seniors, even those in their 80's because a good percentage of them can still get the policy.

The premiums are higher, which of course, means your commissions will be higher as well.

The rationale for marketing ages starting at age sixty-seven is that many prospects will have already enrolled in a medigap policy from one of your competitors and its very likely they would have experienced a premium increase already.

You can then tailor your marketing to emphasize the possibility of getting lower monthly premiums for the exact same coverage with a different company.

Most seniors are very price conscious and are always looking for any way to save money. 

Their incomes are usually fixed and their expenses are generally increasing every year.

These ever increasing premiums can be used to add many new clients and make agents more money.

Never, ever, throw away a supplement lead.  Create an Excel file and record name, address, age, birth date, company, coverage option and premiums paid.

The T65 leads you have purchased will be valuable contacts in the years ahead.  Contact then once each year a month or so ahead of their birth month.

This information is very easily obtained from most seniors who have coverage.

Pay attention to when each company raises their premiums and sort your Excel file by company name and contact those people offering them one of your companies at a lower monthly premium.

A simple card in the mail will often generate at least the opportunity to visit them.  Once in the door, work to gain their trust and respect.

You won't make any sale to them until you have gained both their respect and trust.

Still, turning 65 leads is definitely an arrow you should have in your quiver.

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