Whole Life Insurance Leads Deliver Huge Single Premium Wealth Transfer Commissions

Whole life insurance leads targeting the right demographic can add thousands of dollars in commissions to every agent each month.

Every agent can benefit by working whole life leads. 

Just one average single premium or wealth transfer sale per month would earn you an additional $48,000 per year!

Best Demographic for Whole Life Insurance Leads

Just about any age and household income demographics are suitable. 

Final Expense.  Final expense agents sell simplified whole life policies for the most part.  Age and household income filters that work for FE will work for single premium sales.  Just keep your eyes open for any prospect that has a significant amount of cash value on existing policies.  Consumers with savings accounts set aside for final expenses can often nearly double the amount available on their death.

Bank CD Owners.  Anyone who has a bank certificate of deposit, or CD, that is specifically intended to be passed on to their heirs is a prime prospect for a single premium or wealth transfer.  These consumers are some of the best whole life insurance leads.

Medicare Supplements.  The age and income filters that are suitable for supplement prospects is exactly the same person who is a prime candidate for single premium life insurance leads or wealth transfer leads.  Most people who can afford medicare supplements will have some money that they will never spend and intend to pass on to their heirs.  They can immediately increase the amount available.

Working Single Premium Whole Life Leads

Any existing client, or a newly received lead that has money set aside that will only be used to pass on to heirs is a good prospect.

Your sales script or presentation should include probing questions to determine if there is money, CD's, annuities and any other similar investment that is earmarked to be passed on when the prospect dies. 

The sale presentation itself is very simple and straight forward.  The prospect has the ability to immediately increase the amount of money their heirs will receive.  Sometimes, depending on age of your client and other factors, the inheritance amount can even double immediately.

Remember that life insurance proceeds pass income tax free to beneficiaries and bypass any probate proceedings. 

Your existing client base, any leads on any prospect that is likely to have money, in some form, set aside specifically to become an inheritance for their heirs, are qualified whole life insurance leads.

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