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Your Advantage Leads is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. They offer telemarketing insurance leads generated by telemarketers operating out of their own homes throughout the United States.

They focus on generating final expense telemarketing

Your Advantage Leads only offers exclusive telemarketed final expense leads.

Leads are claimed to never be sold twice and all telemarketing calls use the name of the agent they are calling on behalf of.

Volume discounts are available to agencies who wish to resell them to their own agents.

Volume discounts are also available to independent agents who purchase leads on a weekly basis.

Your Advantage Leads records every conversation between the telemarketer and the prospect and distributes that recorded
conversation with every lead emailed to an agent.

The insurance telemarketer mentions the agent by name during the conversation.

The customer must respond that they understand that an agent named "name of agent" will be calling them about
life insurance and final expense insurance plans.

Your Advantage Leads asserts that they ensure that the prospects will be within the age limits the agent has requested.

Each telemarketer confirms with the prospect that they have a valid checking or savings account.

The insurance telemarketer asks if the prospect is living in a nursing home, hospice or other assisted living establishment.

Once these qualifications are met the recorded message will be emailed to the agent within minutes of the conversation.

Your Advantage Leads also offers a telemarketing campaign designed to provide agent recruiting prospects to agencies.

The process is essentially the same as with final expense leads where a recording of the phone call with prospective
final expense recruits is emailed to the agency.

Your Advantage Leads offers a job posting service for agencies on Craigslist.

Your Advantage Leads is planning a post card mailing service for recruiting final expense agents.

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Your Advantage is Terrible Lead Company
by: Todd King

Your Advantage Leads is a terrible company to do business with!
They will only accept a check from you (that's the first red flag).
Your Advantage Leads lead return policy is almost non-existent, even when you can prove by their own recording that it doesn't meet their own set criteria. I've even seen leads that they try to pass off when the client is in a nursing home!

I turned many agents on to them only to be very disappointed by the service and the attitudes of the owner and the employees.

Their telemarketers all work out of their own homes from various locations around the country. Not that it's a bad thing, but there is no control over the activities when you do it like that.

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